Recipe for Awakening

by Thessa Egan

Deep within the Core the Heart,
through the Sun,
Surrounding the galaxy
in a heartfelt embrace,
lies the sacred space 
where the veil into 
fundamental, changeless reality
is the thinnest.

One need not go anywhere to access it.
And yet,
the Core of the Heart
is a sympathetic doorway
for those who've forgotten
that it is right there all the time.

Once through the veil,
finding "yourself"
emerging from the fundamental, changeless reality,
Ask at first formations of "you" -
Who Am I?
And here the most appropriate way to answer that
is to look ahead,
aware of the details 
of the space in front of you,
and realize
"I'm not that"
"I'm not that"
"I'm not that"
until the angels naturally appear
where before they were noticed not.