Fleur Inanna

                                                              "The Walk to everywhere, beyond the footsteps before me

                                                               & at the same time with all my heart, I walk to no-where"



I am an essential guide and spiritual midwife along the way who is devoted to revealing the principles of feminine mystery from a foundation of non-duality.  I serve as catalyst on "her" natural path of awakening, cultivating, nurturing and refining the inner garden of myself and each whole and thus nature of us all.
It is within the transparency of existence and integrity of the laws of nature and oneness I can facilitate healing and support the natural blossoming of beauty, love and play within others.
The understanding of my art traces back to origin and runs deeper than the human experience to the most subtle, etheric and elemental; I am a true mistress of non-duality raising and expanding energy from the earthly plane into the beyond to facilitate the natural transformation of self; one of my sacred names is "sky woman."
All that I share has been discovered through my own direct experience, and I belong to no modality or single practice yet have always had a deep and rich affinity with the Sufi, Buddhist and Shamanic Mystical arts. 
To pin my work with others down would be like missing the point of it; for essentially what inspires me most is unknowable and unshareable in nature. 
Foundationally I have come to sit with others on the deepest levels of their being; becoming inherent to the listening, feeling, sensing what is occurring.


All my work is grounded in the unchanging (silence, Tao), and I am devoted to the realisation of that within myself and all beings. I provide an environment of self acceptance and stillness that can support the natural transformation of self and identity, towards a unified expression of self with origin.


I work with individuals with severe illness and major trauma, alongside advanced practitioners in their own meditation practice. I share the approach shown to me by my primary guide and mentor Thessa Sophia, as I go, in stages depending on the person's ability, so that sessions and retreats appear and feel like dual meditations, where I am directly holding them or the group, whilst simultaneously co-journeying with them and being held myself.
I run transformational retreats on Pantelleria Island, my sacred home in the Mediterranean alongside private one to one sessions, in person and on skype. 
I am a spiritual midwife primarily on the spiritual plains and I have also been called to serve as a doula in physical birth and death. I am a trained & passionately practicing birth doula who is devoted to all forms of spiritual midwifery, having worked with the elderly and terminally ill for over 7 years.  
I have devoted myself to healing arts for most of my life, with the blessing of many different teachers along the way, I have come to study and master ~ reiki,  tai Chi, sound healing, ecstatic states of consciousness, shamanic regressional healing, trauma healing, birth, breath, conception ignition healing, conscious creation of the self and god-hood and have an experiential understanding of the mystical and alchemical science of nature and laws of oneness. 
What is essential to me is grounding the most mystical and shamanic realities in the body, through the yoga of relating & merging of the divine within everyday practical reality; in service to the creation of love, beauty and play.
I love to geek out on the experiential embodied/ literal living of life as art and science of love, to follow with passion the becoming of what is essential & blossoming of who we truly are. 
 I have travelled for many years all over the world, I have lived and explored some of the most remote and wildest places on Earth and have been blessed to  share the journey with many different tribes, teachers, cultures and medicines. 


My work is deeply rooted and ever inspired by my intensive training with Thessa over the last 10 years, during which i have been exploring with her on the deepest levels of consciousness, the nature of identity and perception ~ cultivating deeper realisations of true nature, pure awareness and essence. 
My time is divided currently between the Somert/South England, UK ~ Sicily Italy, and the USA (Asheville NC). 




                           "I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had                                                                                                     & lift you like a prayer to the sky"                                                                                                                                             ~ Rumi                                                      

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