Mastering the Art of Relationships

an exploration of the masculine & feminine/self and other

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Mastering the Art of Relationship


**One to one sessions


**Couples work


**6 Session Relationship Course ~ x3 people


Available on request


One of my passions for many years has been bringing the most esoteric and basic understandings of my experiential journey with infinity into the visceral real, raw and meaty creative living areas of my life. The most significant arena of creative play for me has been cultivating intimate relationships.


This approach of holding emptiness/stillness together with what is active and moving, is designed to catalyse and support the natural awakening of oneself as infinite true nature; other words or terms we may use are, the unchanging, emptiness, the absolute, the void, and infinity.


Whereas in many traditions the focus of awakening can end at realising yourself as true nature, we take the deepest levels of awakening and consciously explore the direct experience of nature within all areas of life. The result is a deeper understanding and insight into true nature, the actualisation and embodiment of true nature, which naturally becomes the capacity to consciously create/dream your own reality. The key being that reality is being driven and directed, birthed in becoming, by what we call true nature, and thus is ever changing and remains in continuity with infinity.


We can say that we are here to create a reality that is in, but not of this world. We can say that we are focused on remembering ourselves as god-heads, as self governing individuals with the capacity to transform the paradigms of humanity beyond what has been known or experienced before. Our ultimate pathway for this is through the transformation of identity/self and remembering true nature.

Thessa has created this approach which I also teach; it is not a modality, nor a technique, but an approach that primarily uses the gateway of stillness in relationship to the body to catalyse remembering of true nature. We then navigate and explore the direct experience of true nature at the level we have remembered, in relationship to specific areas of life.


In this approach we develop the capacity to unify and merge together areas of reality on a visceral embodied feeling level, whilst exploring and catalysing remembering of origin/true nature within what is occurring. We do this by exploring fixed identity that is keeping things apart, and come to embody true nature in unique expression that emerges through the union of polarity. The union of polarity creates a third thing, a new transcendent experience/state of true nature that is fully inclusive of all polarities, which we can experience as "me"/ ourselves. Polarity in this way is lived and expresses through form as the complete perfection of all things, in unification, without separation from origin. A key to the capacity to become the transcendent experience and the collapsing of identity, is the remembrance of each pole as origin/emptiness etc....essentially knowing oneself as what is deeper than the polarities. This is what gives rise to capacity for creativity, as you are willing to be re-born over and over, in continuity with the natural expression of infinity of the moment.


When we apply this approach within the context of intimate relationship, we can study the direct experience emerging out of origin of the basic polarities of masculine and feminine. Often people are referring to masculinity and femininity in terms of fixed identity, as opposed to having a genuine awareness of the properties of their own masculinity and femininity. Simultaneously there is a lacking of capacity to consciously cultivate the poles, which emerges through recognising and becoming the ever changing expression of these poles as they arise out of infinity. This natural arisal is perfectly informing everything that is most basic and occurring to the moment.

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