Essential Medicine Paintings & Prayers




 Alice Lee, United Kingdom


It has been a complete blessing to create this medicine painting for Alice, expressing and honoring aspects of her deepest nature and essential medicine. ❤

In our one on one medicine journey together Bhuvaneshwari (one of the 10 Maha Vidhyas, wisdom goddesses and 10 aspects of Adi Shakti in the Hindu Tradition) ~ revealed herself as most intimate to some of the deepest aspects of Alice’s nature. 

Communing with Alice at this level was a gentle unravelling and relaxation into the spaciousness of the cosmos, through the loving form of her unique being. 

She contains and is that which contained. 

She is the space between things and the eternal presence of the mother. There is no where you can go that does not offer Bhuvaneshwari’s loving presence, and I celebrate and honor the unique revelation of that within Alice.

Buhvaneshwari whose body is the world; is all things in creation and yet paradoxically she all things transcendent. She is the seed of creation ~ and her body the seed syllable sound of “Hreem” which is embedded in all other mantras, as there is no creation without her; she is the heart and soul of preservation. 

I find it exquisitely beautiful that one of Alice’s many Earthy devotions is preserving and maintaining a seed bank and I mused on the fact that each one of those many seeds she collects contains the world, and is the body of Bhuvaneshwari. One seed, in loving hands, symbolic of all creation. ~ "Hreem ~ hreem ~ hreem" ~

This was a very powerful journey of creation, offering a week long deepening into the sounds and body of Bhuvaneswari; embodying she as the field that provides everything that is needed; she as infinite space and all its potential. 

The blessings and power of the medicine painting has earned my deepest gratitude to Alice for asking me to create her painting and my deepest respect for the preserving nature of that which belongs to all, yet so intimately, so uniquely expressing. 

I do not underestimate the power of these paintings and depth of what is working through Alice in her many ways of being in the world. To the right of Bhuveneshwari are 3 boons, gifts ~ wish fulfilling jewels for Alice to unravel through deepening intimacy with her true nature.  

I have always said that these paintings are honoring the aspects of creation that are calling to be honored through you in this moment, and this is for all beings, as the medicine is everywhere. The power of creating a painting of the one who encompasses the seed of all creation, is like sitting at the seed of the paintings that came before this one. 

Alice touches many with her deeply loving nature, ever nurturing the world with her being and offering herself up continuously to her loved ones and her work; she is a care taker of the Earth in its deepest sense and as long as I have known her I have seen her hold that field with majesty and grace. I for one am eternally grateful for her path of heart and the many ways she has touched my life and those around her.

I am excited for this medicine to hang on Alice's wall as a constant reminder of her deepest nature, and ever inspiring potential of her being; and may it serve when needed as a self compassionate reminder she too is deeply held by that field. ❤


Prints & Canvass Banners are Available





Francis Michael Elliot, UK
It was such an honor and blessing to create this unique essential medicine painting for Francis, a deeply felt gift from his beloved, Blanche. 
Here are some words about the medicine;
Beloved Pan, the primal masculine of the forest, guardian of nature and keeper of that which is most wild and untamable within us all. How needed your medicine is now….
What a wild ride Pan has been, his devotional claiming of the sacred gates is deeply empowering to the Earth whilst nurturing the Eros of creation and us all. Eros and the erotic depths of nature is our birth right, it is the spark in creation that generates magnetism and the highest expressions of creativity.
Pan was demonised by the church in the Christian take over of paganism, where his authentic nature was buried in distortion and his name in taboo.
In his heart he is the untamable lover; he is lover of all things green and growing, the mythical caretaker of all things in creation, ever reminding us of the freedom and dynamism of our wild creativity and spirit.
This painting is a deep honoring of the sacred art and tantra of Francis’s life. It is exquisite to see how the deep love and tantra of two beings consciously coming together, generates a momentum in creation and unfolding dharma that is so vitalising to the whole.
It has been beautiful to quietly witness the deepening of his relationship with Blanche and see the powerful momentum building behind their new projects in Glastonbury, as they take over Guardianship of the Sacred Ashram Sambogaya. An exquisite demonstration of how the inner tantra comes to nourish and generate the outer tantra in spiralling devotion.
As I was receiving the medicine for this painting, I witnessed the mighty heat and erotic force of Pan, showering seeds from the northern ancient forests where Francis lives, whilst penetrating the mysterious depths of Glastonbury; refining, rejuvenating and restoring the feminine essence of the land in a deeply life giving way.
The painting is a playful celebration of the unique nature of Pan within Francis; a revitalising key for embodiment, & embrace of the potency of his wildness and creativity.
Pan is one of many forms of the essential masculine that holds the key to the vitalisation of energy and the natural erotic claiming of our deepest nature, manifest forms and chosen relationships, that is needed for us to consciously create reality.
Claiming is the transcendence of holding on and letting go, it is the right-ful way of nature, that seals the bond and deepens the safety and security between two things; revealing and affirming the nature of a relationship and its creative potential according to the most essential within.
This requires a discernment, a cutting away of what is non essential, alongside an exploration of appropriate use of energy; learning how to preserve the vitality of the field and integrity of that which is being cultivated; ultimately this requires a mastery over ones own sexual energy and the wilderness of Pan within us all.
Pan is inviting us to devote ourselves to the essentialisation and mastery of the masculine as an embodied erotic vital force of nature, that when harnessed may gather primal fire and Earthy determination in rightful way for the benefit of all his creations, whilst standing guard at the gates of mystery protecting the deeper mysteries of the womb...via the body, these sacred portals on Earth and through the authenticity of relationship and sacred union.
Sacred spaces, homes, forests, and landmarks are Earth’s Manifestation of the Rainbow body, our Primordial heritage and keys, uniquely emanating the essence and beingness of infinite space. It is a devotional act to care, protect, nourish and re-vitalise them.
The ultimate quest, (and becoming of the rainbow body) is the Mysterious Pass; the source of Francis’s unfolding mystery and expanding creativity in the world and deeply embedded within the intent of this painting.
Thankyou for inviting me to create this for you and deepen with you in this mysterious way.
For those unfamiliar with the term mysterious pass, I leave you with a few more words...
“The everywhere portal of no where, beyond and uncharted ~ that which has no definition, that which can only be revealed when all reference points collapse.
The always dancing invisible source of all creation, the eye of the needle, the non dual dance of Devi, driving those perfectly hidden miracle moments; creations best kept secret and heart of all revelations to come.”

Durga Maa 


Ember Marantz, USA

Durga Maa ~ Supreme Shakti

She who is "Hard to conquer", the cosmic protector and empowering mother.

"I paint and call you in the name of all birthing mothers, may your nurture sooth and strength protect them. May you become the grace and majesty of woman; be the sword that stands between a woman and that which may seek to degrade her dignity, sovereign rights and obscure her body wisdom."
May this prayer be carried deep within and become known within the heart of all birthing mothers as that which is inseparable to their deepest nature.

It was such an honor to create this for Emily (Ember), who is dedicating her life to midwifery and raising the love and consciousness of the birth giving experience. Durga appeared in her warrior form during our one on one session as Emily was exploring how to approach the disturbing incongruencies between her inner wisdom, instincts and truth and hospital general practice.

It was not by chance that we met together to deepen on the first day of Navaratri; the 9 day Hindu festival devoted to the celebration of Durga, as supreme shakti. The painting was birthed throughout these powerful 9 days, as I sounded her name and mantra from a foundation of deepest silence, grounding through my body this prayer and medicine. 

Durga is a protectress and warrior, she is powerfully compassionate, innately nurturing yet deeply fierce, she is the primal empowering mother and intimate to that which instinctually moves a woman successfully and safely through labor.  

Her majesty comes with a deep relaxation, as she is the sovereign inner union with the power of your supreme nature, she who can reduce illusion and evil to its knees, calling true nature and being into expression. All her weapons were gifts from the gods, and she rides into battle protected by the divine masculine to slay the demons they cannot. 

Many of us are painfully aware of the degradation of the consciousness of birth giving throughout the world, with a mechanised approach to the human body and spirit there is a deep denying of the consciousness, intimacy and love of one the most vulnerable and powerful acts of nature.

My true invitation through this painting is to invite women to illuminate the transformational power of Durga, as that which generates momentum to deep and profound spiritual awakening.  

To restore the seed of Durga within we must go deeper than the obscurities of the medical system, the outside authorities and dis empowering dialogues, and take the exploration back to source connection within and through the wisdom and silence of our own bodies. This is where the deepest empowerment lies and It is here you become a true agent of change. 

Don’t wait for the collective to become what you need it to be, don’t wait for the perfect care provider, but go deeper, restore the seeds of source remembering within you and bring back the medicine to the whole; creating as you do new ripples of love and consciousness empowerment and strength in the reality of birth giving. 

Durga is the place where vulnerability and invincibility become one, becoming the deepest softening yet greatest strengthening of our feminine power as we empty the belly of identification, toward the deeper union of spirit with our sacred body as pure animal consciousness, where Lioness and Lamb become one, expressing fluidly & instinctually.  

This demands a deep meeting of and maturation of our relationship with life and death, where one cannot be excluded from the other and both demand our deepest surrender (humility) and silence; it is humanities refusal to accept death as transition and change that lies at the root of so much suffering, resulting in a perpetuation of forgetting of the emptiness, wisdom and wholeness of the body.

Durga reminds the feminine that in order to undo the perpetual cycles of abuse to our vehicle for consciousness, the body, we must  outroot the seeds of victim consciousness within ourselves through a deep and honest visitation of these spiralling themes of victim, persecutor and saviour in our psyche, towards a transcendence of this dynamic and remembering of freedom and trust in nature and union within the body. One of Durga's many gifts is the purification of hatred, which lies at that meeting point between the patriarchal and matriarchal separations that perpetuate these cycles of abuse. 
Do not underestimate the power of the birthing mother, do not underestimate the power of Durga as the greatest guardian within you of the sanctity of this passage. Call her in, name her name, speak her mantra.

For those seeking to go deeper your task is not to pray to her, it is to realise her within you, uniquely, as she as that which is intimate to the awakening of your feminine nature as shakti.

I have witnessed women resource the capacity to reorganize reality amidst crisis moments within minutes, through the deepest surrender back into the silence of their being and seeds of sovereign inner union; calling in exactly what was needed to restore the integrity of the moment. 

One of the most beautiful birth experiences I had was when a birthing mother dropped into the final stage of birthing and her body began to tremble and shake tremendously, she suddenly turned to me wide eyed and fierce and asked me “what's happening”, I smiled at her in awe of her radiance and power and whispered “shakti” ~ I have never seen anyone relax more deeply into the potency of shakti as she, before my eyes she melted into the shaking like water into the earth, transforming the shaking into rolling ecstasy with each breath, she then turned to me and said “it’s like having an orgasm.” 
Now that is the light of Supreme Shakti made manifest in birth, and that is where the love of consciousness will take us as a collective, and we must hold this flame together.  ❤

It was such an honor to create this for Emily and I anticipate seeing Durga hang up in her future birthing centre and watching over the many birthing women who she is caring for and nurturing in this time and always.

Prints will are available, for those who wish to call in and embody further the medicine and qualities of Durga Ma.

This will be a beautiful gift for any woman or man devoted to their deepest cultivation of primordial shakti and powerful talisman for the protection and nurture of the birth giving journey.





Wolf Medicine



Rowan Bailey, Asheville North Carolina, USA


It was a blessing to paint Rowans wolf medicine.

So deep and beautiful, and honoring of Rowans capacity to give and sustain life.

This painting celebrates the mysterious relationship between wolves and the subtle shifts and changes that also governs the growth of new life on Earth. 


When I was speaking to Rowan after I finished the painting she was telling me about how the introduction of new wolves in Yellowstone National Park led to the complete rejuvenation of the forest, river and animal life. The forest had been in decay since the decline of wolves through hunting; exemplifying the profound role wolves play in sustaining balance and harmony within their natural environment. 


There is something of Rowan and her medicine in that story. ❤ 


Wolves are deeply devotional beings with a depth of unity with one another that is profoundly intuitive, empathic and telepathically led. For those who experience deep human intuitive connection within, and with others, you are expressing the potential of experience that is lived by wolves. 


Mans relationship with wolf is deeply wounded, waging war on wolves has been much like waging war on our wildest selves. 


This violent attitude towards wolves is symptomatic of humanities separation from the source of deep connection with one another and ultimately separation from our wild and intuitive nature.

It's a blessing people such as Rowan devote themselves to the love and care of wolves on this Earth. You are midwifing the deepest human connection back onto this earth, by preserving the creature that holds the key. 


Wolves have been honored for holding the keys to intuitive knowledge and wild feminine wisdom for centuries, and as a result women  (and men) who run with wolves in this time are the necessary howl of remembering in the dark night of the human soul. 


I feel deeply if humanity overcomes the drive for self destruction, wolves will flourish once more. It is clear to me never could wolf medicine be more called on.


I painted this on the deeply devotional Cancer full moon a week ago,  i witnessed several mystical emanations of essence coming from the moon in those nights that I then felt flow onto the page ~ may this painting release its hidden gifts on you Rowan so your work may flourish the inner garden of us all. 


May this painting also honor and carry the essence of River, your beloved in the flesh Wolf Dog, who passed away. 





                                                                    Simone Shivon, Hong Kong 



This painting struck like thunder!


I am reminded of something Thessa Sophia once said to me "there is an opportunity to fulfil your dharma in every moment"


This painting is dharma on fire.


This painting is medicine for the moment.


I am so grateful for the opportunity to send this medicine painting to Hong Kong that has lately been burning with much needed activism, to be held in the sacred care of Simone Shivon.

Whilst painting this the words that came "let us paint the bullshit out of this world & unleash through the Art of Activism" 


Simone's uniqueness gently, softly bubbles up through the intensity of union between Shiva and Shakti. I feel Simone's dharma of holding cacao ceremony and healing work is cooling medicine for these steamy times.


This painting is a call for greater integrity, precision and deeper grounding into the absolute and through the true art of womb work.


This painting is highlighting the call to purify speech through the light of awareness, and master these basic forces of nature, that encompasses all, within ourselves.


Thank-you Simone for the blessing of this painting and for the beauty you bring into the world and for having permission to share the painting. I am excited to see how this medicine will further unfold through you, and to see where you will hang it, I hope it will be visible so others can see it and take in the call to rise, united as one.


                                                              Sacred Humming Bird ~ Keli Keach, USA


have worked with Keli on the deepest levels for many years, she is also a dear friend and peer & part of my most intimate tribe of co-seekers.

Despite how much we have journeyed together it amazes me how the essential paintings unearth new qualities of depth, beauty & potential yet to be revealed and celebrated.

This painting was as you can imagine incredibly beautiful to paint revealing that which is most soft & pure to creation.


I was not alone in painting this picture, I felt surrounded by star families all pointing to the divine plan and unfolding that captures the heart of true selfless service to humanity, as something that is inseparable from the embodiment of the revelation we are in but not of this world.

The quest lets say is to ground that in the every day, allowing the truly compassionate human to be also utterly free to fly as the eternal & timeless, allowing us to sustain natural joyfulness..even in the face of suffering.


The hummingbird captures this sweet simple medicine that reveals levels of joy, magic and beauty written also in the stars. The hummingbird is a symbol for awakening & the celebration such freedom inspires.


It was such an honor to paint this for Keli and delve into the timeless shimmering Essence of her beautiful nature.



Keli Says...after I give her the intuitive reading before seeing the painting...


"Oh Fleur, I'm so touched by this and not sure how but I'm even more excited to see the painting and to be able to take it in. I feel seen in these ways of knowing that I have about myself but often they feel illusive and even invisible to me. 


It's so powerful in the beginning when you shared about expressing the full joy of life for no reason. It feels like the Divine being awake to itself and delighting in that realization."


After seeing the Painting.....


"It's gorgeous Fleur!! Wow. I put on your recording and then opened it. It's swirling in me. I love that it's on black paper and how the colors shimmer. There's a lot to contemplate here and explore. I am really excited. Thank you so much."




Yin; subtle & everywhere; always new
Cultivating the willingness to melt and rise, and thus be sustained.
A perfect gift for anyone cultivating their feminine essence and the awakened flow of the movement of self.
Prints Available ~ Essential Art Print Shop
Original Sold


                                                                       Nina Jone, United Kingdom



This was the most beautiful & powerful journey to paint, taking me into the heart of sacred sexuality & soul of the warrior/protector within.


Emanating sacredness with every stroke and wave, initiating depth, strength & right action - for the natural integrity of body & Earth to shine with the softness & receptivity of womb space.


It was such a honor to paint you beautiful Nina Jones, this medicine will reign on. I would journey with you again any-day!!


Nina Says.....


"Working with Fleur has been like a breath fresh air, a deep inhale and release of old and opening to the new, or opening to what was waiting for space to breath into being. Her words have opened doorways of awareness that have supported my intention and attention of opening.


Her bringing my essence to colour and image and life have been a guide through these doorways. The more I am connecting through my body and the stillness and the image the more I am opening.
And it was so much fun (along with some lovely tears and grief.)"


Nina Jones



Shanti Zimmermann ~ Switzerland




"Soft. Seen. Held. Undulating. Supported. Relaxed. Flowing. Essence.

This is what it feels like to work with Fleur ❤


Living breathing creativity is delivered in her art work and confirmation of what is experienced within.''

Shanti Zimmermann



I loved painting this for Shanti!!!


It was a deeply complex and mythical experience ~ that took me right to the seed of ancestral communion.


I don't want to say too much, despite how rich in experience it was to paint ~ I don't want to take away from the mystery embedded at its core.


Two words stand out that capture the soul of this drawing ~ power & protection. The power that is sustained by those who walked before you and whose shoulders you stand. And Protection, that is gifted when needed, through their/our inseparable and continual preservation of original union and its unique expression.


I was delighted to hear from Shanti once she had the painting in her hands that she is studying a Maori way of ancient healing, studying being her own journey of intensive healing & initiation journey with her Maori teacher.


Gecko is a sacred totem to the aboriginals, whose ancestral tone mapped this design onto the page way before I had any notion that I was painting a Gecko. Gecko is a protective totem against disease & is deeply revered for his regenerative healing capacities. I can appreciate why the aboriginals appeared so strongly, more due to my own mysterious and continual communion with them on the deepest levels, but the language is deeply universal.


Thank-you Shanti for the honor of painting this aspect of creation emerging through you. It was a very powerful & playful experience to commune with you in this way and I celebrate your devoted and rich path of service to others emerging ever through your own compassionate & mythical awakening and deep communion with your spiritual ancestors & lineage.




Valerie Meehan, United Kingdom



This painting was such a deep pre-conceptual imaginal melting, of mind into womb, beyond into now and cosmic into form.


It was beauty, play and depth from start to finish, swirling with the primordial medicine of a Pisces new moon, that encompasses the Leela (play) of now in its cosmic expression.


Pisces is the final constellation in the zodiac, it is the home of the 12th house, encompassing the deepest unconscious mind, psychic intuition and liberation (moksha) through loss. In its exaltation Pisces offers the medicine of escapism that facilitates the undoing of control and rigidity born of attachments.


Deep waters are ruling these deep times, and for the devotee and mystic, the now truly beckons the question; are you willing to loose everything, are you ready for some serious play?


There is a deep invitation here through surrender to develop the capacity to breath underwater (presensory breath) and surrender to fundamental change(physicality of death). Those aligned with the cosmos will be awake to the profound depth of what is occurring.


This painting carries the primordial tones of Whale medicine; deep watery creatures who are revered among indigenous cultures to be keepers of ancient secrets and  history. 

Valerie Meehan has worked with me on the deepest levels of consciousness in dual meditation for nearly 10 years. Her devotion to her inner work is one of the many things I love about Valerie, as is her swirling deep, wild emotive and intuitive nature, inspiring playfulness and joy even in the darkest of places. 

The nature of our relationship is intimately woven by the mystery realms of our deepest unconscious and beyond.


It was such a powerful blessing and joy to paint her this essential medicine painting and to communicate one beautiful playful tone relevant to now, in a symphony of many she has and is yet to become. This painting as ever speaks deeply to lineage, our watery way and the initiations we facilitate.



Prints are Available 








Cosmic Whale


Sandra Girt



"Spirit Boat"


"The session with Fleur was an incredible meditative experience. Her amazing energetic sensitivity & presence allows you to descend to the depths of your being, to connect with your essence,

to contact deep Silence."



I loved painting this for Sandra. Painting today on Samhain was very beautiful with the veils so thin, the spirit of this painting flowed its way out of darkness with ease and grace.

This painting is blessing Sandras passage into the deeper void and unknown mystery of herself, whilst celebrating & preserving her deepest most subtle nature.


The boat carries & contains the seeds & blossoming of her deepest essential nature within the darkness, the absolute.


The boat itself is woven out of tree leaves as a symbol of grounded ness & stability as the subtle essence gives rise to form & becomes an abundant forest surrounded by gold at the bow of the boat.

Guiding the boat & woven around it are protective symbols that came to me in meditation. They are a language of deep water that will repel that which would seek to harm or mis direct her by degrading essence as she is entering more vulnerable stages of transformation. These symbols do so by visually communicating the incorruptible essence & sounds of deepest water that were sung on her Water Essence, Medicine retreat last week.


The Spirit Boat is a mysterious metaphor for the journey of creation & mystery I have carried with me since a child. To me it also represents harmony of spirit and form in the deepest dark.


My wish is this boat will remind Sandra of her natural way, alongside protecting & sustaining her as she follows the invitation to dig deeper into herself and claim that which is most precious....


To continue to let go of how she has known herself to be and relax into the mystery of death & darkness, and flow with the natural processes of transformation initiated by her inner work with Carol and deep life changes.


It was such an honor to paint this for you Sandra. Thankyou for inviting me to paint and experience your deepest nature in this way.



Sandra Says.....


"La séance avec Fleur est une expérience méditative incroyable. Ce merveilleux soin énergétique nous permet de descendre au plus profond de notre être, de contacter notre essence, de contacter le Silence. Les sensations dans le corps, les émotions qui peuvent surgir permettent de faire émerger ce qui n'est pas unifié en nous. Cette séparation des parties de nous-mêmes ne permet pas l'expression de notre être dans toute sa profondeur. Fleur, par son soin réunificateur, permet alors à l'harmonie de s'épanouir à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur de nous. Après le soin, je me suis sentie plus sereine, plus entière ; une partie séparée de moi avait retrouvé l'Unité.


La peinture qui a découlé du soin est magnifique. Elle me permet de prendre conscience du chemin déjà parcouru, moi qui ai plutôt tendance à voir le chemin restant à parcourir. Je suis dans un processus de transformation qui s'intensifie en ce moment et les attentes sur le nouveau devenir sont déplaisantes. L'impatience est là. La peinture me permet de prendre conscience de ce qui est déjà présent, ce qui est exprimé. Les attentes n'ont plus lieu d'être, l'impatience est calmée. Le spirit boat est une représentation de mon chemin d'âme ici sur Notre Terre : passé, présent et futur s'y côtoient afin de mettre en évidence le processus de création. Le spirit boat avance dans le temps et les graines semées grandissent et deviennent de beaux arbres. Ces graines de conscience sont le fondement de tout Être en devenir. Nous nous créons nous même, nous accouchons de notre être véritable, le plus profond, le plus uni. Le spirit boat me dit que je suis un être qui grandit en conscience, petit à petit, afin d'exprimer mon plein potentiel dans toute sa Beauté.
Porter au monde la meilleure version de nous même est une responsabilité et un engagement que j'ai choisis de vivre.


Merci infiniment Fleur, d'avoir peint pour mo the spirit boat, inspiration créatrice et reconnexion à l'Essentiel.



In English ?


"The session with Fleur was an incredible meditative experience. Her amazing energetic sensitivity & presence allows you to descend to the depths of your being, to connect with your essence, to contact deep Silence.


The sensations in the body, the emotions that can arise can highlight what is not unified in us. This separation of the parts of ourselves does not allow the expression of our being in all its depth.

Fleur facilitates unification of all the elements with care, allowing harmony to flourish inside and outside of us. After the treatment, I felt more serene, more whole; a separate part of me had found Unity.


The painting that resulted from the care is magnificent. It allows me to become aware of and appreciate the path already traveled, when I am someone who tend to see the path still to be traveled. I am in a process of transformation which is intensifying at the moment and the expectations on the new future are unpleasant. The impatience is there. The painting allows me to become aware of what is already present, what is expressed. Expectations no longer become necessary, as impatience begins to subside with stillness.


The spirit boat is a representation of my soul path here on Our Earth: past, present and future meet as one, thus highlighting the process of creation. The spirit boat advances in time and the sown seeds grow and become beautiful trees. These seeds of consciousness are the foundation of all Being in the making. We create ourselves, we give birth to our true being, the deepest, the most united. The spirit boat tells me that I am a being who grows in consciousness, little by little, in order to express my full potential in all its Beauty.


Bringing the best version of ourselves to the world is a responsibility and a commitment that I have chosen to live.


Thank you so much Fleur, for having painted for me the spirit boat, creative inspiration and re-connection to the Essential."


                                                                          Carola Viale, Pantelleria Island



....few words....just hidden symbols, the silver half moon, and those who timelessly walked before me & with me now, along the way of mystery.


Carol Says....


Fortunately my life makes me meet wonderful people who speak with the language of the eyes and smiles of beautiful sensations and purity of spirit ... it was a unique and profound experience ... thankyou."




 Angela ~ Spain  



I have not the words to describe how exquisite it is to touch & paint qualities of another's true nature as they appear within me, and how much of an honor that feels to be.


Orientating to the origin of what is occuring permits me to be completely enraptured beyond identity with the revelation of essence as it uniquely expresses onto the pages...


These paintings express simply one aspect within a symphony of tones & colours that is calling to be revealed back to you.


This amplification of what is becomes a continual prayer, reminder & resource for your journey of greater realisation & embodiment of essence. It comes with empathy, advice, suggestions & insights true to the moment.



Stewart Moir

United Kingdom


"Peace and Prosperity Turtle"


I am delighted to share with you this lovely Peace & Prosperity Turtle.


I painted this for a dear friend Stewart who has a deeply calm and peaceful nature. His medicine could not be celebrated at a more fitting time as humanity surfs a volatile cycle of change with many conflicting energies at play.


The Siddhi of Peace is a jewel fitting for the Beloved Turtle who across cultures is recognised as a symbol for Mother Earth in her gentleness & compassion.


I painted this in October and remember taking my time tending to watery details to allow the seed of peace to set in deep into the unconscious mind, with strong roots that will sustain through the brewing darkness to come.


As Australia burns & talk of war between countries prevails, may the peace turtle take seed in your heart. Holding you steady, balanced and sustained through the darker nights of the soul. The Peace Turtle invites you to continually soften and become fluid in the face of adversity, hardness and rigidity.

I have found those who carry this Siddhi have known suffering deeply - with enough surrender to face what ever comes with a heart that is willing to break or be broken, and thus be deeply touched by something original. Suffering thus gives way to depth and breadth of heart, offering others immense spaciousness to be as they are, where ever they are.


There is also another side to this Turtle, and that is of prosperity ~ that can only flourish when complexity reunites with simplicity & true essential peace has been established. Natural peace is fully inclusive of conflict equal to all phenomena, and yet beyond the capacity for separation, as nothing in nature is in conflict with itself.


(For your info. A Siddhi is; fulfillment, accomplishment that is spiritual, often resulting in supernatural or magical powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of spiritual advancement through sādhanās such as meditation and yoga.) 



                                                                           Fertility Prayer ~ anonymous


                                                              Carmen, Spain "Harness your Creativity"


As I paint the inner realms organise in a gradual way according to the deepest opening in opening informed and held in place by my guides, peers & those I work with in this deep & mystical way.


The one I am painting becomes drawn into this web of original design & we become one intimate dance within a specific aspect of creation that wants to express more fully.

Kundalini is one of many precious forces that harnesses the power of awakening within the physical body. The intimacy I am touching as I paint is incomparable.....


I truly lack the words to express how beautiful kundalini is...I hope my paintings will evolve to Express the fullness of what I live.


When someone asks me for a painting, I feel a blessing - because what they are truly asking for becomes a deeper glimpse, honoring and celebration of sacred substance for all the world.


I cannot share the painting I am in now until it's in the owners hands - but here is one expressing kundalini, which you may have seen, that I painted a few weeks ago.


                                                   Margaritta ~ Bologna Italy ~ "Shamans Way ~ Jaguar Calls You"


Wow, blown away by Essence....


What a beautifully intense journey this last essential medicine painting has been.

Thankyou Margherita (Meg) for inviting me to reveal your phenomenal nature in this way. What a trip!!


Margaritta Says...


"What a deep and intense journey has been Fleur Inanna, being with you in this amazing journey that revealed the essence through this incredible and burning paint!

I am in love with it.

The unique energy of the deepest part of Pantelleria fed my spirit, from the inner part of the earth, where the fire start to push and melt, and the energy start to move.

I definitely recognised my situation in your feeling and this paint is here to remind me what I should do to go on in my path.


Thank you sooooooo much!!
For this experience and for meeting you!" Meg




                                                                   Primordial Map ~ Original Human


                                                                 Fertility Prayer ~ Laura Spain "Balancing Essence"


"The imaginal swirls with symbols, myths and forms of the unconscious mind of the individual, collective and universe as one - echoing the bridge between eternity and form. 


The place where the dream can become known to itself, can be heard and deeply honored and lived.


The lucid dream is essential, formless, intangible and unknowable, yet deeply felt and lived...touching the heart of the dream within the dream, with the love of consciousness. 

This love is the total freedom to be feminine, unconditioned or restrained by rational and lineal thinking. This love is the interconnectivity between and within all of life and oneness with God."
 The Art of the Essential
by Fleur Inanna
"Soft. Seen. Held. Undulating. Supported. Relaxed. Flowing. Essence.
This is what it feels like to work with Fleur. Living breathing creativity is delivered in her art work and confirmation of what is experienced within.''
Shanti Zimmerman
Gecko Medicine
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