Healing & Integration 

2 Day Online Intensive Retreat

23rd & 24th April 2022

with Thessa Sophia & Fleur Inanna

This retreat is open to those who have worked with Thessa and myself before, and have a basic experiential understanding of our approach to healing and awakening.

Also anyone who has participated in, or is currently in one of our groups, you are warmly welcome.


Retreat Details

An empowering deeply held journey into the unmet, unresolved spaces of yourself calling for transformation.

We will be creating an environment within which you can deepen, practice and integrate using our shared approach to healing and awakening; supporting you to address areas of your life or experiences of yourself calling for healing and change, alongside developing your experience and capacity to deepen with our healing approach.

We will be:

Re-affirming the foundation of the absolute/deepest silence for all our explorations

Creating an environment within which deeper realisations of oneself as that silence and absolute can emerge through the body

Reviewing our approach to healing and journeying with the somatic experience from a foundation of the absolute

Healing core issues and exploring shadow patterns; bringing to the surface any chosen themes alive for you in this time

Reviewing and exploring the nature of identification and Separation alongside the nature of Essence/Inner Union and Embodiment

You will receive preparation guidance for the retreat
& One on one feedback and support during the retreat

There will be an opportunity for Question and Answers along the way




plus recordings of the retreat sessions and supportive material

Deposit £80 to secure your place

Payment plans extending beyond the retreat date are available on request for those who need it

A minimum of 5 Participants is needed for this intensive to run

A maximum of 10 Participants can join to preserve the intimacy and depth of guidance and holding we will be offering you.


Timings and Dates

23rd/24th April 2022
(Saturday & Sunday)

We will begin no earlier than:

12:30pm GMT Time, 1:30pm CET time, 7:30am EST time.

We will end no later than:

9:30pm GMT time, 10:30pm CET time, 3:30pm EST time


Location Zoom: video optional


Schedule: (exact timings of sessions to be confirmed nearer the time)

Each Session we will be roughly 2 hours long with maximum of one hour-long breaks between.

Allowing us potentially 3 sessions a day as a minimum

All recordings can be sent out to you immediately on request if you are unable to attend a session during the 2 days. We highly recommend though full participation of the retreat to maximise the benefits of our one on one guidance and sharing with you.


To book your place please email Fleur at core.expression@yahoo.co.uk to book and secure your place.

Payments can be made to paypal: core.expression@yahoo.co.uk

We look forward to deepening with you all,

with love

Fleur and Thessa


"The imaginal swirls with symbols, myths and forms of the unconscious mind of the individual, collective and universe as one - echoing the bridge between eternity and form. 


The place where the dream can become known to itself, can be heard and deeply honored and lived.


The lucid dream is essential, formless, intangible and unknowable, yet deeply felt and lived...touching the heart of the dream within the dream, with the love of consciousness. 

This love is the total freedom to be feminine, unconditioned or restrained by rational and lineal thinking. This love is the interconnectivity between and within all of life and oneness with God."
 The Art of the Essential
by Fleur Inanna
"Soft. Seen. Held. Undulating. Supported. Relaxed. Flowing. Essence.
This is what it feels like to work with Fleur. Living breathing creativity is delivered in her art work and confirmation of what is experienced within.''
Shanti Zimmerman
Gecko Medicine
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