Advanced Self Inquiry

As your understanding of your self expands you begin to transcend limiting belief structures that leave you feeling defined by your personality, conflicts and issues.


This shift in consciousness begins to inform a more direct perception of experience that is clear and peaceful and is closer to wholeness. As processes of awakening unfold insights transform your sense of self as you surrender to divine consciousness and potentiality.


As you evolve you naturally move away from issue based healing to deep inquiry into pure experience of consciousness. This inquiry is approached in a systematic way, basing our inquiry around "Who AM I?". This leads to transcendence of personal, collective and archetypal identity structures and other basic assumptions we have around who we feel we are?


The result is these processes ignite a remembrance of fundamental self; this is the non-experiential, cause-less, I-less, changeless reality from which all other changing realities arise.


Most trainees by this point are ready to work with their own clients and are engaged in their own path towards wholeness in a unique way with mastery and heart centered awareness, and or are integrating this approach in their own practice. 


I enjoy supporting many other therapists and healers in including this approach within their own work. 


Advanced Inquiry in Private Healing Sessions

All skills and depth of Inquiry learned in the advanced training are applied in private healing sessions.


The client does not need to have done any previous healing work in order to experience the resulting transformation of inquiry into identity structures.


The difference is the client will be experiencing the healing from the perspective of the presenting issue that relates tangibly to your conscious day to day life, where-as the advanced therapist will be experiencing these deepest layers for you. See Private Session Section for more details....



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"The imaginal swirls with symbols, myths and forms of the unconscious mind of the individual, collective and universe as one - echoing the bridge between eternity and form. 


The place where the dream can become known to itself, can be heard and deeply honored and lived.


The lucid dream is essential, formless, intangible and unknowable, yet deeply felt and lived...touching the heart of the dream within the dream, with the love of consciousness. 

This love is the total freedom to be feminine, unconditioned or restrained by rational and lineal thinking. This love is the interconnectivity between and within all of life and oneness with God."
 The Art of the Essential
by Fleur Inanna
"Soft. Seen. Held. Undulating. Supported. Relaxed. Flowing. Essence.
This is what it feels like to work with Fleur. Living breathing creativity is delivered in her art work and confirmation of what is experienced within.''
Shanti Zimmerman
Gecko Medicine
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