Alchemy Techniques as a Journey to Becoming All Heart

by Thessa Egan


Within Alchemy Techniques, our widest aim is toward wholeness/unity through integrating all aspects of ourselves in the deepest layer of the heart (center).  The course approaches wholeness via a spiralling effect – the beginning part of the course focuses on experiencing our Core Essence, the blocks to embodying and expressing that Essence, and tools to dissolve those blocks so that we can continually expand the limits of expressing who we really are.


This level of the course focuses on techniques that help us explore our inner experience, feel more at ease in every day life and begin to identify with our Core Essence (light) as a sense of “I”.  We have been socialized to identify with our external circumstances and environment as who we are.  


Another way to say this is that we identify with what we call “trauma” as opposed to our Core Essence.  We also explore the Observing Awareness’s (what most people recognize as the observer) role in our sense of self, boundaries and sovereignty.


In order to loosen the identification with trauma, we work a lot with Core Essence qualities to enhance access to these qualities in our every moment experience.  We learn that we can access Core Essence in every moment, and we learn how to heal what inhibits us from doing that.


During this process the student is beginning to work with Core Issues and becomes savvy around doing so.  As a result Core Essence becomes more and more available to the student, which means previously difficult or uncomfortable situations are transformed into moments of creativity, flow and ease.  Mastering the healing of Core Issues means that healing begins to become such an easeful process that the student can use the healing tools in order to heal trauma as it comes up on the spot in everyday situations.


The key element to this part of the course is cultivating Core Essence as a sense of Self.


Along the path of this spiral the student encounters many ecstatic experiences and so-called gifted abilities such as telepathy, high sense perception, deep empathy (feeling other people’s emotions and state of being), past life recall, remote viewing and others.  For us these are interesting and useful on the path yet it is important that we focus on them within the context of wholeness/unity.


Structural Self Inquiry – the latter half of the course – builds on what the student has experienced in the first half.   The use of techniques begins to loosen as the student learns to trust their direct inner experience – realizing and embodying the principles behind the techniques.  


In this part of the course, we use the questions “Who Am I?” and “From where did I originate?” to drive our exploration and integration.  Specifically we explore and transform our sense of identity.  We begin exploring these questions using a clear and succinct process for integration of our most fundamental parts – what we term the Trinity.


These key questions along with the capacity to navigate our own fields to find the answers to these questions eventually leads us into the deepest layers of the heart.  The process of clearing at this layer of the heart and embodying the result means that we literally become “all heart”.  The innermost chamber of the heart expands to include, transform and embody the whole energy field, including the physical body.


In the deepest layer of the heart, we contact Fundamental, Changeless Reality – the cause of all experience – and begin to realize that this is our true identity.  Once realization of this happens, a process of integration and embodiment of this realization continues, eventually replacing our previously cultivated sense of divine self (Core Essence) and our personal sense of self (ego).


All of creation is going in this direction by default, but we have created a program with tools to help us get there, including mapping this path if one desires.  The ability to map our inner terrain is cultivated in the last part of the training.


Our approach may sound similar to the ancient systems of inner development, for example Yoga and the mystery schools.  In fact our path has many parallels to these ancient systems, especially given that like the originators of Yoga, we got our knowledge via direct experience as opposed to being the receivers of someone else’s direct experience.


It is in this vein that going forward as teachers, we decided to teach others how to gain the direct information for themselves.  The first level is preparation and entry into this level of getting information and the second level of training deepens into this Self Mastery.


Bringing the process of discovering the information for oneself – what Masters have been doing for thousands of years – directly to the student is a key and exciting aspect of our work.


Definitions for Key Terms:

Wholeness – the experience of fulfilment, nothing is missing, completeness  - experienced more and more in the face of life situations in which we may normally disintegrate out of wholeness.


Trinity – The least common denominator of who we are in separation:  Structure (form),Observing Awareness (the observer), and Core Essence (light).


Fundamental, Changeless, Reality – The non-experiential, cause-less, I-less, changeless reality from which all other changing realities arise.




"The imaginal swirls with symbols, myths and forms of the unconscious mind of the individual, collective and universe as one - echoing the bridge between eternity and form. 


The place where the dream can become known to itself, can be heard and deeply honored and lived.


The lucid dream is essential, formless, intangible and unknowable, yet deeply felt and lived...touching the heart of the dream within the dream, with the love of consciousness. 

This love is the total freedom to be feminine, unconditioned or restrained by rational and lineal thinking. This love is the interconnectivity between and within all of life and oneness with God."
 The Art of the Essential
by Fleur Inanna
"Soft. Seen. Held. Undulating. Supported. Relaxed. Flowing. Essence.
This is what it feels like to work with Fleur. Living breathing creativity is delivered in her art work and confirmation of what is experienced within.''
Shanti Zimmerman
Gecko Medicine
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