Please check all timings noted here are still up to date, as they can change over time.



Ryan Air and Easy Jet operates flights from locations in Europe to Palermo, check for details.



Palermo and Trapani (Scicily) with Alitalia  (See Below for details).


Connecting Ferry Leaves from Trapani - 11pm  (See below for details)


Please take into account when the sea is rough the ferry often does not leave. 




Travel from U.K  




Ryan Air Flights from Stansted Daily (check for alterations over time) -Palermo






Todays price (will alter over time) 


(please note to take the ryan air flight, that to arrive on Monday middday you will have to take this flight on sunday at the latest and either stay the night in Palermo or take the bus to trapani and ferry that night to Pantelleria), as the last flight to Pantelleria leaves at 16:35pm)



Easy Jet - Gatwick - Palermo





todays price (will alter over time) 


Please note if you take this flight the first connecting flight you can make to the island is at 16:35pm.





Sicily - Pantelleria


Mistral Airlines


from Palermo twice a day


11:05 & 16:35


from Trapani twice  day


7:50am & 7:05pm



Bus Palermo Airport - Palermo Town Center


40minutes long, goes every 30minutes all day.


Cost 5.80Euros each way.


First Bus leave Airport at 6am and Palermo at 5am



Note: There are also bus lines at the airport to Agrigento, Trapani and Sciacca/Ribera, but they leave less frequently.



Bus Trapani Airport - Trapani Town Centre and Port


Company ASTI




Outside the main entrance of airport that is to the left of bar/newagents. Cross the road the taxis are on and you will see the bus stop ahead of you. It is a coach and will have a sign on the front to Trapani. Ask for the port (last stop) office (pronounciation = offichina) or the Macotta Hotel or name of any hotel you hav booked (show him the address) and he will tell you when to get off.


Trapani Ferry


30 Euros /each way

45Euros + Cabin if available


From Trapani, daily overnight ferries all year round (maybe not sundays)
Trapani - Pantelleria: Departure 23:00, Arrival 06:00
Pantelleria - Trapani: Departure 10-12am Arrival 5-7pm


Ferry is not a reliable source of travel - best to check in advance. Flights are rarely booked up so you can always aim for a ferry and if it is not going then get the next morning flight to the island. 


Siremar Call Centre (from Italy): 892 123;
or +39 0923 545455

Ticket office: Trapani, in the Port, by the dock


(Not in MAY) By Hydrofoil from Sicily (passengers only summer):

Ustica Lines +39 0923 22200

Tickets office: Trapani, via Staiti 23 (the main road opposite the port entrance).


Booking boat tickets


NB all timings must be confirmed as they are subject to weather conditions and timetables may change at short notice.


Night Ferrry

Office opens at the port at 9:30pm and boarding after 10pm, and ferry is docked next to the office. Siremar Ferry Company. Cabins are available but cannot be booked in advanced. Price varies depending on with a toilet or not but roughly looking at 45euros for ticket with Cabin. Cabin is advised as there is no where to sleep that is comfortable at all - it is an old tub.


Overnight stay in Palermo


Rosella Bianchi has a collection of lovely rooms in a central location, a few minutes walk from where the bus drops you off in Palermo from the airport. Please Contact Rosella directly to make your inquiries and bookings.


tel.-fax. (+39) 091.617.10.98

mob. (+39) 338.5353452



Overnight Stay in Trapani


I can recommend a lovely hostel called the Macotta - (check for updates on prices on their site) in the old part of the city. Trapani is a lovely old city and great place to enjoy a lovely meal and soak in the Scicilian atmosphere. 


When you arrive at Trapani and get on the bus to town ask the driver to let you off for the Macotta hotel, he will show you where it is, it is sign posted from the main street on the sea front, where he will let you off from, one stop before the port which is the last stop. This is the same bus to return the next morning to airport so ask him to show you where the bus stop is on the other side of the road and the time the next morning. He will point, and is very used to being asked.


If you need help with your travel let me know, please be sure to check you have time to make the connecting flight.


I will collect you from the airport. Please travel together where possible if you know others coming from your area and are happy to synchronise your travel.



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