When I hold groups on the island we live together at the stunning retreat centre Pantelleria Benessere. This beautiful home has been lovingly created and cared for by Fiorella over the last 30 years. The house and land is a sacred space designed for deep inner work and cultivating peace, with various areas for meditation and movement practices, outside under the shade of trees, or inside there is a very large communal sacred room for us to dive deep into ourselves together, to find our rest and live our play. Fiorella holds a field of deep care, nourishment and playful wisdom for all to settle into with ease. 


Please note you are so welcome to arrive to any of my retreats early and/or stay on longer.


Please contact Fiorella with your resquests.


Please note, on booking your place on this course we request you email Fiorella directly with your arrival and departure dates, or with your email contact so she can know you have booked on and can exspect your dates when you know them. 


                                           Fiorellas Email:​

Main House

Dammuso Tigre

Private Double Bedroom and outside terrace, singles or couples

Dammuso Tigre ~ Bed Room
Outside Dammuso Tigre

Dammuso Palma

Luxury Private Appartment for Couples Only

Spacious cool room with a double bed, balcony sleeping area, eating space, kitchen and bathroom
Private Terrace outside front door
Shaded terrace outside back door