Primordial Foundations for Birth Keepers

Restoring the Oneness & Stillnesss of the Birth-Giving Journey

6 Month Programme & Group Container

 June 2021 




First Wave  - June/July 


Second Wave -September/October/November


Third Wave -  January



"It is within the transparency of existence and integrity of the laws of nature & oneness

we can facilitate healing & support the natural blossoming

of beauty, love & play within others"

The Intent & Inspiration


The intent of this group is to support birth keepers, doulas and midwives or anyone wishing to cultivate a deeper foundation of silence, sovereignty and inner union in relationship to birth and its delivery in the world. 


As a trained birth doula myself I am deeply passionate about the delivery of birthing realities touched by the seeds of consciousness, outside of or in greater alignment with the current medical paradigm. 


I am deeply aware of the challenges of our time and the immense pressure the polarised climate we are living in presents for birth keepers or families seeking to generate a conscious birth experience. 


I have always had a vision for sharing the jewels and knowledge of my deepest inner work with birth keepers as a way to infuse deeper stillness and oneness into the birthing experience; offering empowerment as an inner tai chi and way for being in the world grounded in true nature, natural law and inner union.


Stillness or silence is the key to ushering grace, healing and rest into any given situation or experience of ourselves, re-organising oneself and the world according to nature towards greater inner union.


Resourcing silence within oneself is the most powerful and effective way to guide a situation back to nature, and to embody that remembering; it requires a deep willingness to become, honor and surrender into all the incoherences along the way.  


In this group we will be mastering the foundations of our work in a non-lineal, gentle and integrative way, alongside a deep meeting and slow inclusion of the themes and topics you bring to the group, relevant to conscious birthing in today’s climate, acting as fuel and fodder for our own deepening with the work, within ourselves and as a group.


In this way we will develop greater compassion, self mastery & capacity to transform and heal, rest and allow, alongside ushering the birthing realities we are engaged with towards a deepening alignment with nature. 


We will be moving slowly through the material in an integrative manner; allowing your lives as your journeying with us to become deeply touched and informed by the resonant field of primordial stillness that is at the heart of our work. 


This group is appropriate for those devoted to developing the consciousness of birth, be it their own or others (you do not have to be a doula or midwife). This group is for those who are ready to take their inner unfolding that bit deeper; looking for resources to integrate and heal difficult situations towards greater sovereignty, inner union and beautification of their work and future creations. 


This group will offer you a deeply held healing environment, to be nourished and touched by the seeds of deepest inner freedom, intimacy and self care rooted in silence and self understanding.  Sovereignty can come to be known as potency of inner union and true nature, that exists as essential and inseperable from the good of all. 


Our work is not a talk therapy approach, we honor the stories by tuning into the frequency and layers of what is occuring through the body, journeying with tbe somatic expeirence in an environment of stillness, bringing all of us with us towards deepening union.


This group will prepare you for our deeper conception and being born, healing and tranformational work with myself and Thessa, in which these basic foundations must be established first. 


I will be your facilitator and Thessa Sophia will be supporting the groups unfolding and touching in as we go. 


What you can expect from this group...


  • Cultivating deeper realizations of silence and source remembering; as a foundation for all our work together. Learning how to resource the stillness for healing, transformation and self inquiry.


  • Covering a deep overview of the basic principles of our work; the foundational elements of stillness, acceptance and allowance/surrender and journeying with the somatic experience. 


  • Learning how to work with an issue and trauma heal; our basic approach to healing, transformation through the exploration and embodiment of polarity, developing states of inner union, resourcing silence and the absolute. Learning the many ways we can explore an issue, break it down and integrate from different angles and depths through journeying with the somatic experience. 


  • Re-affirming Self referral; grounding our commitment to self responsibility/empowerment whilst developing self awareness of your direct experience and specifically what is occurring for you in your inner space; with a deep inclusion of the body through the somatic experience.


  • Reflection technique; sharing with you our family jewel, a very simple approach to shamanic recapitulation that allows you to explore the nature of your experience in relationship to anyone or thing and heal/dissolve any separation within yourself and subject of your inquiry. This approach is essential to our more advanced work as we apply it constantly as we deepen in our explorations over time. This approach is a profound formula for greater depth, freedom and intimacy in relationships and cultivating oneness and true nature with others.


  • Cultivating Inner Union, exploring Essence; Exploring, developing and integrating higher states of consciousness for healing and exploring the nature of essence/uniqueness and states of bliss.


  • An introduction to Identity Work; Exploring who is having the experience, or witnessing what is occurring, towards deeper union of that sense of I or me with its source; as a pathway towards transformation/surrender of the self and cultivation of greater levels of unification. This leads to a complete shift and re-organisation of reality, paradigms and perceptions, where whole worlds can fall away towards the creation of something more deeply reflective of and touched by nature. 



The Structure of This Group



6 Month Programme & Group container


First Wave  - June/July 


Second Wave -September/October/November


Third Wave -  January




Times and Dates: Organised Together a Group


Location: Zoom & Mighty Networks Private Group Space




In between a wave, the group space will be live, library available

for you to integrate and visit the material we have covered

and I will be available for questions. 



**2xmonth live meditation calls ** recorded meditations**


**private deeply held group space for sharings & guidance**


**a library of material and resources relevant to our work**


**integrative writing **videos/talks & interviews**


**live check ins ** one on one guidance/support and feedback**


**working with conscious birth related themes you bring to the group using our aproach**


  • We will have a private and closed Birthing Home group space within mine and Thessa’s Primordial Home Network, in which I will share material each week, and you can share your experiences in relationship to our work together and ask any questions. The group space will help you incubate your journey with us, become a library of resources that you will always have access to. You can engage with the group as much or little as you need to & I ask you to comitt to the live calls and check in with me as you. 


  • We will meet once every 2 weeks for a live call/meditation journey together. During these live calls I will introduce and guide you into the theme for the two weeks; for example such as the theme of “grounding into stillness/silence” or “acceptance and allowance”.  You will receive a recording of this call together to replay and re-visit any time you need.


  • You will receive over the two weeks between calls supportive & integrtive material for the theme of each two weeks, in the form of creative writing, recorded meditations and videos.


  • You will be able to on request have a live 30minute check in’s with me bringing any topic alive for you, which we will approach from the view point of our theme for that week and basic recipe. This call with your permission, will be recorded and shared with our private group. 


  • You will be able to share your experiences in relationship to any topic and area of your life and work, that you are called to focus on, deepen into and refine what is happening for you and how you respond, towards deeper inner union or healing; examples maybe - difficulties in pregnancy in yourself or a client, supporting your clients to approach healing an issue, triggering in relationships, difficult conversations that need to be had, guiding birthing partners into deeper intimacy with one another, setting boundaries, self care, trauma in or around a subject, death as a possibility in birth; really the possibilities are endless and we will keep it to whats alive for you. The beauty if this approach is it is so foundational, you can apply it to explore any issue or scenario you want, and align it with any other meditative, body or healing work or way you are already deeply engaged with.


The Investment


£100 month 


£600 In total

(monthly or longer than 6 month monthly installements are fine)


Up to 10 places Available 


Booking Required


Commitment to the Full 6 Months Required


Deposit £100





About Thessa Sophia



The foundations of our work was created by Thessa Sophia over decades of working as a healer and guide on the deepest levels of consciousness, which she has come to share with me over 12 years of exploring and training together in dual meditation. 


Thessa is a devoted spiritual guide and mother; who has walked the road of conscious conception, fertility, pregnancy and birth giving deeply within herself and is now dedicated to the health, freedom and wellbeing of that unfolding within many women. 


Thessa will be offering her knowledge, wisdom and guidance through videos, talks and some guided meditations, so you can also have a taste of her unique way of guiding and unique approach to birth related themes. 


Thessa has come to harness all her devotion to conscious birthing on the deepest levels of consciousness by generating over time more and more refined formulas for healing, transforming and reclaiming the being born experience back into a state of wholeness, health, sovereignty; grounded in the embodied realisations of true nature; which all our work together will pave you to.


The fruits of her deepening way she now delivers in her deepest work with others; The Immaculate Conception of the Self. 


  Thessas website is


& we run together our group space 

Primoridal Home

 (click here to join for free)


a mighty networks space within which

                  Primordial Foundations for Birth Keepers Group will be created



"The imaginal swirls with symbols, myths and forms of the unconscious mind of the individual, collective and universe as one - echoing the bridge between eternity and form. 


The place where the dream can become known to itself, can be heard and deeply honored and lived.


The lucid dream is essential, formless, intangible and unknowable, yet deeply felt and lived...touching the heart of the dream within the dream, with the love of consciousness. 

This love is the total freedom to be feminine, unconditioned or restrained by rational and lineal thinking. This love is the interconnectivity between and within all of life and oneness with God."
 The Art of the Essential
by Fleur Inanna
"Soft. Seen. Held. Undulating. Supported. Relaxed. Flowing. Essence.
This is what it feels like to work with Fleur. Living breathing creativity is delivered in her art work and confirmation of what is experienced within.''
Shanti Zimmerman
Gecko Medicine
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