Recent Testimonials


Integrative Session


My sesssion with Fleur ~ it was an incredibly powerful session; we had been working on the experience of hurt and it felt like there was a powerful shift with that through surrender into emptiness with the sensations and feelings. It led to a dropping into greater depth in my being and it felt like there was a polarity there, an identity like a amorphouse emptiness that was wavy and formless, it felt very pre-conceptual that was mirrored with another more fixed and rigid experience of self that felt like control. Through holding them all together with emptiness the elements suddenly unified into one expression, and my body transformed into a bird as this happened Fleur started to speak in a beautiful language that felt like golden bird song and it opened up a space in me ~ a tender golden space that I am still integrating, and it feels truly beautiful, truly truly beautiful.  Valerie Meehan, UK



Transmission/ Oracle Session


I had the most profound session with Fleur Inanna today. The words I want to use to describe my session with Fleur yesterday are like "freaky enlightenment", the realm of the wizard... true cosmic play- I am not just talking about ET's or mythical creatures, but experiencing their foundational essence, and they way all weaves and dances together in this wild thing called existence. There are many "enlightenment" teachers who bring me to juice places, pleasurable frequencies, or altered experiences. I have to say that my 45 minute deep dive with Fleur yesterday was the most mysterious, magical, fantasical, and wizard-like experience of my life... Not because she 'took me" to some wild, tripped out, or altered place - but because I was able to sink into the pure, foundational essence of those things we might call "magical", or "altered".. This deep, body oriented, visceral experience is actually not "separate" from my human concerns or my practical daily life -  it does not take me away from them, it IS them- it lies weaves at the foundation of all that I call ME, and can be called upon, throughout my day, to alchemize, transmute and transform anything that might arise in the realms I call "practical"


Sarah Southerland, Asheville NC