Integrative Session



No dis-similar to an ordinary session but with the inclusion of sound activation through primordial speak. The reason this is such a powerful tool is it is a way to continue to imbue the moment with what is most basic and essential to the moment. It is like shinning a magnifying glass on what is calling to be integrated, as we are integrating it. The integration process is simply a exploring any sense of "I" or "me" in relationship to what is occuring. 


The session may start with an ordinary inquiry into an area of your life, and primordial speak will be used during the journey of exploration as we go or we may start with listening at the primordial level to what wants to emerge and enliven in your being. 


The focus will be the realisation of emptiness at the level of remembering available. We will dance between inquiry and exploration and becoming receptive to tones of the seeding essence or substance or archetype at hand. 


 Sessions are 1.5-2 hours long


 Cost £80 


 or £60 for 3


See sessions page for more info




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