What colleagues are saying....


Fleur's ability to tune in to the subtle inner experiences of herself and others is extraordinary. This capacity to track the ebb and flow of emotional and physical energies and communicate her observations in an exquisitely clear way contributes to her considerable skill as a healer. ~ Deborah Taj Anapol Ph.D


Fleur is a truly gifted healer, whose insights, wisdom and intuition give her access to a source of information that can really help others integrate transformational changes. I have worked with Fleur in sessions and workshops where her support, energy and wisdom shine through. I would recommend her to anyone interested in transforming and healing. ~ Eleanor Bauarschi 

Based on our sharing and during the exchange of treatments that we made and make, I am able to state that Fleur has a wonderful healing hand, heart and spirit. I recommend that everyone should experience her approach to restoration of balance, for anyone who find themselves in an agitated state. ~ Kevin Pugh (Vibrational and Guided Kinesiology)


What Clients are saying......

I have been an Alchemy Healing client of Fleur’s for three years and the service she provides is life changing. The personal ground we have covered and continue to cover is phenomenal and my whole perspective on myself and life has changed to a positive one. I know and understand myself more than I could ever have hoped to due to my sessions with Fleur, she has provided me with the tools to heal my own traumas enabling me to let go of the past, move on and become free. I now dance through life with my new found lightness. ~ Lucy Charlotte Brand, Uk 


Before I started having sessions with Fleur I was experiencing life as a huge struggle: difficulty at work, disconnection in my personal relationships and lack of inner harmony. I have now had 3 sessions with Fleur and the transformation in such a short time has been amazing. I have experienced profound healing on a very deep level, especially around the areas of anger and desire, where unresolved issues were having a hugely detrimental impact on my ability to express myself fully and truthfully. Fleur's ability to connect with and heal these wounds has been remarkable, moving through my inner conflict with gentleness and an innate understanding, leaving instead a sense of bliss that I had forgotten was possible. I am continuing with sessions as I cannot wait to see what other transformations are in store. The world is suddenly full of possibilities again. For this, and for Fleur, I am extremely grateful. Valerie Meehan, UK

This highly integral work is delivered by Fleur with so much intelligence. There was not a moment when i felt her presence waiver. I feel truely supported to let go, through the doors home. This is also very powerful work where Fleur clearly demonstrates the huge potential of who we really are. - Payal Redsell,UK

My sessions with Fleur have been truly transformative. During the sessions i was able to access deep layers of my existence and heal traumatic imprints that were influencing my current state of being. Fleur has helped me to shed light and wisdom on a number of issues and to transmute negative energies into positive ones, in a respectful, non invasive way. Since my sessions i have been experiencing the healing of dis-ease I was diagnosed with some years ago. In addition to a sense of empowerment, clarity and purpose, have emerged from my soul and i am eternally grateful. ~ Diahann Holder, UK

I am so grateful for the wonderful sessions of Alchemy Healing i received with Fleur. I was able with her expert techniques to release so much deep healing, access root causes of prevailing issues and re-frame old patterns of belief. It has been invaluable every time. I highly recommend a session. ~ Felix Price, UK

My sessions with Fleur were a space within the unrelenting pressure of my personal life and work to return to what i always knew, and to be reminded of the trans-personal behaviors which were natural to the ancients and help switch on my natural healing mechanisms. After the sessions i always felt greatly relieve, refreshed and with a sense of having been reconnected to the effortless and graceful. Living in Latin America, and indeed most of the world today is a constant struggle with negative and suffering energies of many kinds, and my sessions with Fleur were a very effective way to clear some of this manipulation. ~ James Ovenden, Bolivia