The Essence of the way of the Rose....

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"Fertile with stars and wise with moons she hums with the symphony of infinite experiencing. Like a moving mandala she is the inter-connectivity of all things; a unifying force of nature honoring all relationships as significant and relevant. 


To her surrender of any "I" or "me" is sacredness, and through the inclusion of all experiences being had and dissolution of separate self, she comes home to know and taste each element according to its essential nature and medicine.


Each unique whole is woven in or out of the mandala according to its highest relational expression and most authentic nature; this cultivates a path of higher magic through total receptivity to nature in its revealed perfection. 


Her clarity can sometimes appear in contrast to be exclusive; but this is simply her capacity to refine reality, to claim and move according to what is what is being called for within each moment. With the majesty of a white tiger, she stands alone, directing reality with fierce grace, protectively looking for any energetic holes that may be leaking energy, tirelessly working the space to maintain union within and between all elements of her life. 


She recognises and honors the cycles and stages of growth, the initiations that spiral in and out of consciousness in perfect way. Her capacity to return full circle through time and space reveals she is master of her own destiny and creation.


Foundationally the high priestess knows herself as absolute, she has no-where to go, no-one to be and yet she chooses to pulse as/with the one eternal infinite dream; dancing and relating in a visceral real way from the eternal timeless centre. Her joy is the spirit of adventure.


She is the expressed balance of wisdom and knowledge; channeling the point where personal & divine will meet and express as divine flow; modelling the pristine expression of appropriate use of non-ordinary capacity and feminine power ~ unleashing as no-one.


The high priestess abides in the full understanding true nature is sovereign in and of itself, there is no outside authority or hierarchy, no progression or legacy, there is no world, just life as art; and thus her nature becomes permeable to the crystallisation of identity; she uses this capacity to reclaim relationship according to nature. She is incorruptible in sacred surrender.

She has the gift is fore-sight that eventually becomes the capacity to simply see truth, that is eternal and timeless yet uniquely appearing. By penetrating the dark and light in equal measure and exploring every angle of self and truth she comes home to what is inherent to the essence of a thing. 


A recurring wound is "dis-connection".. This is not in truth a wound but rather the polarity to her greatest medicine ~ inter-connectivity. Dis-connection will express through-out time in her relationship with nature, her body and the Earth and in her relationships, especially with the Magician, her consort and magical match. The challenge often appears as a pain body or distortion of darkness, that creates a gap between the true seeing and reclaiming of someone or thing according to its nature.This can lead to false assumptions about reality, the nature of things and perpetuate suffering within the drama of human affairs."




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