The Way of the Rose

 the art of impeccability

I have created this year long mentorship for the courageous and committed souls

who have chosen to make the eternal journey towards embodiment


This experiential journey is for those who are calling to refine and cultivate their mastery over form through their blossoming capacity for depth, grace and understanding of true nature


We will focus on self mastery and the cultivation of the unique art of your existence, that is inseparable from the remembrance of who you are as a living breathing expression of the eternal way


We will work towards integrating the highest aspects of ourselves exploring on the deepest levels in the womb all phenomena

light and dark alike


This is a higher calling for those seeking self-responsibility

and sovereignty beyond paradigms of separation


We will focus on specific integral areas of self inquiry, and the mastery of healing and transformation from a foundation of emptiness






Click here for: Course Description

This mentorship program is open to all genders

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