Coming Home

6 Month Foundational Mentorship 

Basic Approach 


During our time together I will transmit to you my foundational approach to healing and awakening. We will be primarily cultivating the capacity to journey via the somatic experience in the body, from a foundation of stillness. I will be exploring with you on the deepest levels of consciousness using a state of empathy, guiding you in deep self inquiry whilst gently facilitating a natural expansion and remembrance of true nature.


The focus of our journey is  to develop pathways for healing and facilitate the natural awakening to and  integration of higher aspects of yourself. We will focus on the union of emptiness and stillness with form.


We will be exploring the deepest aspects of experience and perception, the sense of self and what is essential and unchanging. You will become more aware of the energetic quality of experience (including the Pain Body) in order to access and heal subconscious traumatic imprints, and thus prepare the ground for greater levels of being.


You will be learning to experience energy, sovereignty, and be able to energetically experience integrity, boundaries and differentiate self from not self.


The course develops competence with a variety of powerful and rapid approach for healing trauma and transformation of self.


You will be learning how to expand your conscious awareness and using it to heal trauma. As well as developing your capacity for surrender towards deeper realisations of self and true nature.

  • Begin the journey to the ‘whole’ you; experience your sovereignty, integrity, boundaries and differentiation.

  • Improve access to the source through energy sensing and developing Awareness.

  • Become energetically fully present in this ‘now’ moment.

  • Improve your mind state and content, anytime you want –connect with your core essence.

  • Reprogram the subconscious mind by developing new pathways to core essence, your true nature.

  • Rapidly heal and clear limiting subconscious beliefs.

  • Access higher, expanded states of consciousness on the journey to wholeness.

  • Find out how you perceive, how it affects your experience of life, and how to evolve it.

  • Learn ‘healing narratives’;  new practices for altering  perception that facilitate expansion and healing.

  • Learn to recognize and dissolve your egoic resistance patterns. Expand your conscious awareness as a gateway to heal and transcend subconscious limiting beliefs.


If you are interested in this 6 month mentorship with me with me, please contact me for an interview.


Together we will explore if this journey is right for you.  I work very intimately with those I am holding, I can sometimes say no to someone if I do not feel we are a match for this dual-journey. I usually recommend another guide in this instance or some individual sessions.




Cost for 6 Month Mentorship