Essential Medicine Paintings

Originals for Sale


The buyers of any originals can have a 40 minute deep transmission meditation with me where we can speak together and commune on the deepest levels and I can help bridge you to the medicine, and/or celebrate deeply with you what you are already feeling and provide any additional insights that come unique to you.  



? Original For Sale ?


Roughly 70cm x 50cm


I am so excited to share this piece with you, It facilitated such a deepening of my foundation for healing via the bladder & reproductive system; leading the way to the next revelation of the in-seperable nature of absolute & form and revelations of mystery in the watery systems of the body.

It is a piece designed to honor deeply the sacred union/revelation of conscious creation within the tissues of our physical organs/reproductive systems; dissolving pain & suffering and returning the processes of creation to their original state via the physical body.


This is a powerful piece for anyone working in the womb at the deepest levels. For anyone dedicated to their own healing who maybe developing or working with fertility, re-birthing and or embarking in a birth giving journey or care provider for others giving birth.


I painted whilst intimately working within myself in meditation from a foundation of the deepest absolute. This painting also symbolises the birth of new phases/paradigms that can elevate humanity and actualise our potential.


The painting celebrates and sustains the image of blissfulness & intimacy of birth & creation, that you have or can reclaim and forge from the fertile soil of your deep inner work.

I envision this painting in the hands of someone devoted to feminine mysteries, healing arts and conscious birthing.


If you would like this painting and its medicine to emanate its mystery on your wall, in a sacred or home space, or to be a gift for someone you love, do get in touch.


The cost of this painting is £120 plus postage.


The photos are hard to take with the black paper, I can send you a little video of the painting if you want to see it in motion and or some closer up photos.


p.s the photo captures a slight angle that is is not true to life, it is straight in the centre the image on the black paper and the yellow is actually more Gold like and shimmers in the light as does the silver..