6 Easy Steps To Turning On Your Lovejoy Switch In Just 5 Minutes!


Accessing the direct energetic experience of Lovejoy (your core essence) has the power to; change your vibrational frequency, improve your life, get you in the zone where life flows, and even clear away subconscious blocks that limit you. Live from your true nature, and get started now with this easy practice and begin living your true purpose – the life you came here for!

Please read the steps, and then listen to the guided audio.

1. Make yourself comfortable, shut your eyes, and turn your focus inward, to the energetic experience of your body. Breathe deeply, relax and let yourself settle. Feel the in-body energy of you, in this moment. Notice the feeling of you, now.

2. Move your awareness to your heart centre in the middle of your chest.

3. Imagine a past memory moment where you felt happy, loving and joyful. See the memory moment as an image in your minds eye, as if it was at arms length in front of you.

4. Feel the energy of love and joy, emanating from your heart, and send it to your memory moment image. You can also allow thought and emotion, but feeling it in your body is most important.

5. Now feel and imagine the energy in the image coming upwards and entering through the crown of your head; a golden shower of love, light, warmth and joy radiating throughout your body.

6. See if you can double the energy and allow it to permeate your whole body… keep it going for several minutes. Notice the difference to the energetic experience you started with in step 1. Noticing is important, even if it seems subtle at first.





Now press play to listen to the guided audio


Feeling energy in the body is getting us out of our heads, into at least an alpha level brainwave state where we have the ability to go beyond the programs in our mind and directly to the energy at the source. As we continue this work, we are changing our nervous system, developing a higher vibration, and opening up new pathways to embodying our core essence. As we continue we can access theta and even delta brain wave states that evolve us into a whole new perception of ourselves, our true nature and life purpose.

FLICK on the LOVEJOY switch!

So, now…feel deep into your heart centre with a sincere intention of knowing this feeling so that you can recall it, whenever you want. Give the feeling a name; we like to call it LOVEJOY. Now turn the focus of your inner experience to something other than LOVEJOY. Then, just with intent, say; “turn on LOVEJOY” and do nothing… notice what happens. It may take a few practice goes, but it will work. Practice this several times a day, the more you practice the more easily accessible it becomes. Ideally this can become your base experience in life, it’s your true nature…so you don’t need to ever turn it off!

Your energy body holds the imprints of your subconscious mind.

When you focus inward with your eyes shut and get in touch with this energy, it can change your brainwave state to alpha. As you traverse into slower brainwave states (theta and delta) you can clear the imprints from your subconscious and the unconscious. Alpha is the bridge to the subconscious mind.

Becoming consciously aware of the subconscious is an important piece in the journey to self-mastery. Becoming aware of the unconscious is how we become super conscious!

If you aren’t running a program of choice, a subconscious program may be running you!

So, flick the switch….

Turn on LOVEJOY…now!


*You may feel love, loved, lovable.
*You may feel joyful, happy even
*Your day may flow with ease
*Your stress levels may drop
*Your heart and mind will go into coherence
*You may have a different perception of reality
*People may react differently to you
*You may become a LOVE magnet
*Magical things may happen!


Many people spend much of their day, self absorbed in psychological emotional issues, and preoccupied with what they think and feel is wrong with themselves or their lives. If this is you, it’s a sure way to get more of what is wrong happening all the time. Alternatively, say yes to life, and turn LoveJoy on.

Scientific research in positive psychology, and the work of the Heartmath Institute have shown that a daily practice yields powerful results to your happiness. If you feel the energy of love, joy, appreciation and gratitude and practice for 15 minutes every morning, it will set your day up to flow better. It will improve your mind state and content. The power of light has the ability to make darkness disappear, it can raise your vibrational frequency, and can heal the subconscious issues that are running your life. So why not start today?


You may bump into some resistance from time to time. Since ‘resistance’ is also contained within the subconscious or unconscious parts of the mind, accessing the energy of them in your body provides the potential to clear them from your energy field. There are a variety of ways to clear them, which are quite easy to learn and well worth the effort.

1. An ego identity that is limiting you… it contains limited beliefs often linked to your survival instincts and can make you resistant to change.

2. The people in your life, and your perceived need of the relationship (for love or safety), making it uncomfortable to change!

3. A consciousness which is not fully embodied, due to a past event which overwhelmed your nervous system. This may have been in this life, as an infant, in the womb or even from a past life.

So what do you think – are you ready to turn on your Lovejoy Switch? I would love to get you valuable feedback and comments on this exercise and will respond to any question.


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