Do You Have a Power Leak? Reclaim Your Power in 6 Easy Steps

Do you have any idea how powerful you really are?

Or are you giving it away?

Firstly, the power I am speaking of is not the kind of power over, the power and control type power, which comes out of fear. That is powerlessness and it thrives in a world where people respond as victims… where our inherent belief is that something outside us is creating the problem.

Interestingly the foundations of power loss often relate to a survival instinct type of response or a sense that we must compromise our power in order to be loved;

Fight: When we complain, or fight against problems, ironically the very act of responding this way gives more power to what we are fighting against… it is a creative act as what we resist, persists or we ‘get more of what we don’t want’.
Flight: When we withdraw or runaway from situations in the hope that things are better some place else, we are giving our power to what we are running from. It is actually ‘running’ us.
Freeze: When we feel stuck and believe there is nothing we can do to change something and so resign ourselves defeated, it results in an energy block and so we stay stuck perhaps unable to make decisions!

The result of all this misunderstanding has shaped our world, and our society and continues to feed our dysfunction. Powerlessness…. is epidemic! Being powerful requires a willingness to take 100% responsibility so that we have the ability to respond. It requires us to be present and engaged with our current experience, knowing our own sovereignty and centred in our hearts. We must own both polarities within ourselves; whether victims or controllers we are participating in a power leak. For many, this can be a bitter pill to swallow… I call that pill the ego’s resistance.

The power I am speaking of is our silent power, a power beyond words, it comes out of our true nature, out of love, it is much like ‘the force’ referred to in StarWars. When we reclaim our power we heal ourselves and change our world.

So…do you have a power leak?

  • Do you blame someone or something out there for your situation?
  • Do you get upset because of the weather, the government, the neighbours?
  • Does watching the news get a big reaction in you?
  • Do you believe somebody out there needs to do something?
  • Do you believe something bad happened to you? And are you attached to your story about it?
  • Have you tried to ‘manifest’ something and it hasn’t come through, it isn’t working?
We have the power of creation, consciously or subconsciously…

What we see in the world ‘out there’, reflects what is stored in our source energy; our subconscious and unconscious mind, and shapes our perception. In order to change the inherent problem, which is our relationship to, and perception of, the world ‘out there’, we must take 100% responsibility. It requires that we directly experience the present moment and our own energy, and surrender to the experience; this is our truth. Effectively this clears the subconscious aspect which is creating our perception; the subconscious becomes conscious and the result is that the world ‘out there’ responds differently…. like Magic! As a result we can express ourselves more powerfully and creatively through our hearts. I call it fierce love!

So here is something you can do…6 Easy steps to reclaiming your power.

Reclaim Your Power by Eleanor Bauarschi by FinerMinds
Press play to listen to the guided audio

1. Sit somewhere comfy, breath yourself into yourself until you feel present and fully aware of your own inner energy. Relax, feel and notive any physical sensations like tension, dense areas, or tingly fizzy qualities. Adopt an attitude of openess and curiosity, say to yourself; 'I am here for this, I am here for everything.' Take a note of your energetic experience and physical sensations so you can remember them, like taking an energy snapshot with a camera of what your whole body is expressing.

2. Now…choose someone that has left you upset. I call this the trigger. It is best not to pick the most difficult person when we are learning something new :)

3. Ok, think your way into a situation, picture it in your minds eye as if the person who you are triggered by, is standing in front of you.

4. Now move your focus away from the trigger, breathe the experience into your own body, and notice what is happening, notice physical sensations and see if any areas have changed since the base snapshot in Step 1? Also notice what is the emotional tone of your experience? You might notice a ‘dense’ area of energy somewhere in your body or a different quality… I call these subconscious traumatic imprints. Now give your experience a rating (10 being the worst and 0 the problem is gone).

5. Now, rest and relax in presence with an attitude of openness, and curiosity… breathe the experience into yourself and be fully there with what is happening in all of you. It can be especially helpful to place your awareness in your heart centre (the centre of your chest) while noticing any subconscious traumatic imprints, stay open and curious.

6. Now check in with your trigger, like you did in Step 2, and see what your rating is, and if it has changed from your first rating in 

Step 4.

Ultimately in this exercise you might end up with a rating of 0, or even better a feeling of lightness and expansion throughout the energy of your body…. you have healed something in your relationship to the person you chose. Congratulations! you have reclaimed your power!

In this case there will be a cognitive shift in your perception, the emotional charge will have gone and you will stop creating this particular scenario in future. New possibilities exist to express yourself more powerfully and make a difference.

Worst case, you’ve gotten in contact with yourself and may have changed perspectives a little. If the imprint didn’t fully clear (rating higher than 0) it is likely that there is something you haven’t seen, or some subconscious resistance is guarding your ‘identity’ … and it may take a bit more effort. Either way, if your rating did reduce, check in to see how you feel about the person now, is there a cognitive shift in your perception?

In this process we have used a person as the trigger, however, you can also use any situation, event, or object – anything that creates a charge or reaction.

Eleanor would love to hear how this went for YOUso please share you comments with Eleanor and the other subscribers of Finer Minds. 

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