14th September - 20th September 2015
As I sift for the words that follow this inspired event, I am struck by the "Exclamation Mark" that pervades the pages of my being
This is a statement of Being!?!
This week together is a vision, not yet seen. A promise not yet full filled. It is, as you make it, and therefore only full fillable if you meet it. It is a possibility born out of risk, and held by the intent of Is-ness, that binds awareness in apparent truth.
Mystery requires a ground of empty quiet to fill the pages anew, and it requires a whole new way of Being, only with new eyes to see and ears to hear can we recognise that which is Beyond all memory. 
The evolution.....

As some of you may know I always state that the event starts the moment the impulse around its creating arises and as you engage with it as an event, you engage with all that is it about and that starts effecting your reality.

For me each event is a living entity, that over time between conception and birth, builds upon itself based upon the evolving realisations around the chosen themes within myself and those I am observing/relating with and working with.

What is exciting me the most about this event is that it feels like a play ground for new ways of relating based upon new dimensions of the polarities that are becoming collectively available.

The astrology of this time is lending greatly to new dimensions of masculine and feminine relating. The retreat is centred around a pivotal point of coming together, that eventual coming together is based upon what is changing inwards out now. So this is a good time to be paying attention to the new elements at play within you...

As the themes play out within me and build upon themselves I find myself bursting at the seams with material to share that is very specifically arising for each individual i am in contact with. I sense this event will be an outpouring of this self filling cup.

The heart of sharing here arises out of a foundation of stillness which is where we will begin and build on from which allows it to change based upon what is required by the groups needs.

When we place ourselves in the balance of masculine and feminine, natural healing is inspired.

It feels like a new piece has added onto that middle line of balance, that invites the masculine which here feels like "the person" to enter into a new level of vulnerability, that literally feels like being cracked open/shattered into pieces ~ a perfectly broken whole.

I am referring to this as heart of man and it feels like an essential doorway to the heart of the beloved. In fact the beloved only enters here.

The heart of man is this total vulnerability of person, which is felt to be about no-one-person yet feels masculine.

In essence it is "pure willingness" ( the yes of innocence)

I am noticing that this effects total receptivity in the feminine that is recognisable as being about no-one-thing yet expresses its self in a unique way. A dynamic play of manifestation that is freely dancing upon its self.

New pieces are falling into place offering within me and I am noticing others a greater flexibility to play with the pole shifts to build magnetism in their lives, that ultimately supports a greater cohesion ~ inwards out and outwards in.

Have you noticed in you recently, a new position from which you relate from that is not so familiar to you?

I wanted to share with you some of these themes now, as perhaps this touches upon what is up for you ~ now. And maybe this arena is just what is being called for to bring in new information based upon our collective yet individually evolving realisations in this territory.

Untamed is the word for it. When we place no limits of where we are prepared to go ~ be it the extremity of the masculine pole to that of the feminine ~ freely able to swing as required...we allow the heart of relating to ever express itself based upon the changing conditions and what will serve the highest potentiality there.

I am so looking forward to playing with this territory with you all, and sifting out the blocks and projections that are preventing the coherence to express itself freely. And offering a new level of permission to go where perhaps you are not familiar.

I am encouraging partners/lovers/friends to come to this event, as it feels like the perfect arena to bring to the table unresolved material.

If you are single, it is the same, bring to the table those final pieces that are holding you back....

It is after all, all about relationship!

If you feel the inner pulse burning, the sensual desire to show up, explode, implode with passion or perhaps it is the subtle movement of that black lava that stirs blissfully within....then I feel you have already joined us (perhaps you never left), and this is an invitation to celebrate this, and to sink your teeth into the juice of that offering, through a greater absorption into the utter magic and mystery of this wild intent.
If you feel the tingle of fear, the recognisable risk,  then for you the echo of promise is even greater, if only you are willing to jump into the dark night that is so unknowable, that which strikes fear in the heart of man! I offer this up to you above all, my heart pulses your way inviting you to join us, to bring your fears to our table.  We will focus in/as togetherness from an exquisite quality of attention,  that will love you attentively, and compel that which Is, to radiate, whilst ruthlessly cutting away that which is k'NO'w  longer needed. I assure you, it is perfectly safe ~ despite what that fear place may suggest.
As one; living, breathing, moving, organism of life we are, Togetherness Becoming ~ we will dive into the belly of black and offer ourselves to the New in being-dreaming-awake.
Beloved Pantelleria Island, "daughter of the wind" the land of primordial stillness ~  the heart of wildness ~ will be the greater cauldron for our making. We will weave ourselves into the design of her reflection, snaking our way through the layers of existence, in/as the timeless reflection that she is. Her black bones and hidden places, offers many doorways toward greater understanding. Everything takes on an immediacy and directness on her shores, she never dis-a-points ~ not in the way you may think it anyway ;) 
Do not read my words, feel them ~ inside out. For they offer a play of feeling/being that in itself can be stored and used.
Katinka and I are open to be your guide, friend, healer, co-dreamer, mirror, question, answer, full stop, exclamation mark ~ what ever you inspire we will endeavour to listen, be, and become the quality you call out of us. Not because we expect it, because we inspired it, inwards out. 


For now, through the intensity of my own focus to be with What-Is, I offer this statement of Being ~  that is complete unto itself, in the fullness of  "I".