The Point of Being

...riding the magical wave

18th-24th May 2015

After what has been a deeply felt winter that has been prevailing outside the boundaries of seasonal change, this is a moment to take note of what IS-Being. 

We will heart fully contemplate that which is changing, allowing the fluctuating qualities of creation the given spaciousness to arise and express freely....

We will consider any resistance and blockages that may be revealed in contrast to the new quality coming in, in a body-being centred way and from the premise of deep acceptance of what is.....always inviting stillness in to drive the changing

Stillness reveals all there is to see, feel and know, it is the mechanism for change; this is an invitation to settle into the heart of being still, and consider what Is arising, in/as your self.

This is a chance to pay attention to the subtle movement of inner and outer transformation, and to learn ride the currents of that change not only promoting greater ease and inner understanding, but also facilitating a greater absorption and development of that which is becoming and the possibilities for magic. 

By attuning ourselves to the subtle currents of life and death, and the line upon where they meet, we can notice that as we seemingly pass through the changes of season there is an innocent quality of spring that is ever riding the crest of the wave of existence outside the boundaries of time. When that crest peaks, magic is born.

This is an opportunity to take these seeds that spring scatters and weave them past the reflection into the great emptiness of void with lightness of heart and newness of life. We will magnify what IS BEING cultivated essentially and work to integrate that unique quality of creation into the fullness of being.

At the centre of this retreat is your informing presence, this is an opportunity for you to really grasp the fullness of what that is, and then use that grasping as a tool for healing and greater transformation. 

Pantelleria Island is powerful & magical landscape for transformation, where the islands direct energy melts any assumptions of separation between inner and outer. I have spent years exploring this island, and developed a co-creative dance with the forces of nature there that will at your own inviting, weave in to your journey with great heart. 



We will also take time to play and enjoy the company of a consciously held group, to recognise that there can be less and less of a separation between the mundane and sacred ~ the play of living becomes the heart of the process and meditation, the being, doing and happening all merge into one. We will take our time, there is no hurry, to learn to savour life's blessings. 


Some meditation/self awareness practice and experience may be required, and before accepting your application if I do not know you, I will maybe ask to skype share with you to feel into together if this week is for you.




Limited Places Available

Early Lower Price closing date 18th April