27th & 28th June 2015 Newcastle

Soul Lace

a womb centred heart guided exploration into the essence of being woman

The invitation...

This is a chance to dive deep into the most intimate realm of being woman together, whilst embracing the utter solace that comes with recognising ourself in all.

Woman must give up the reflection of herself and embrace uttter aloneness in order to meet herself in making. 

The body is a temple of perfect design reflecting all the forces of existence in a co-operative design.

The heart of womb is where we can discover the force of creation as it stirs existence into becoming. Everything we need to know is alive, in/as us ~ if we take the time to savour and absorb ourselves deeply. 

The cervix will be our entry point, the doorway into the mystery
 of Being All Woman. To awaken this mysterious chakra, is to vibrate with the universe beyond the memories of the past self. We give up the ideas of woman, self ~ in order to stir this centre for ecstasy. Healing is being there, knowledge is transcending there, wisdom is living there. 

The ovaries will provide us with material to weave with, the stuff from which stars are made of, the silver thread of which souls a born from. Longevity and sustenance become given factors. A precious material out of no-thing is produced, the continuity of existence cycles us here, re-producing wellness and a fertile ground for creation.

The fascia will hold us here, the velvet cocoon that is the inner sanctuary of body and womb ~ the very tissue that holds and stabilizes us together ~ soft, bouncy and playful. Here we find comfortability in our own body and the ability to be playful with ourselves. 

This will be a healing event, and thus be an opportunity to access holding and trauma in the body/womb and allow resolution to arise in a supported way. I will be speaking into the nature of trauma here and support you individually as material arises ~ for women (and that is a large majority!!) who are familiar to, or are experiencing thrush, cystitis, candida and other viral or bacteria infections in the vagina and tract this is a great chance to get to the roots of your irritation, and learn ways to support healing and growth by your experience through meditation healing and herbal/oil remedies. 

As I feel it, this year offers such potentiality for co-operative transformation. Will you sit with me Women, in, as yourself ~ in full body memory ~ in the full awareness that you know who you are ~ as it is seen!! Will you allow life to direct us ~ conscious of itself in creative delight? 

This is the invitation and offering, as it flows, stirs & reflects from the silver bowl of my being. In that I heartfully trust. 

Love to all,