The Power of Island Healing

Lago Di Venere ~ Lake of Venus

We will be exploring the island with an attitude of awakeness; opening our senses and feeling places to explore and experience the land from our belly's. We will weave our meditative journey's into the fabric of the island and listen to all she has to tell us, allowing our discovery of her various forms to become a discovery of ourselves. 


There will be opportunities to go snorkelling in the deep blue sea that surrounds us, to go walking along the many ancient trails along the coast and up the mountain through the pine forest. We will spend time by the Lago di Venere (Lake of Venus) blue lagoon sulphuric crater lake which is next to my house, and rub the mud on our skin allowing it to dry and draw the toxins from our bodies before washing it off in the lake. 


Up in the mountain there is a natural sauna cave along a beautiful trail that leads to the middle of the island into a very sacred valley where no one lives, where hot steam from underground volcanic activity rises out of the earth covering the valley in a serene veil. This is an ideal spot for meditation and Earth and rock merging practices with massive boulders stranded across the valley beckoning you to rest alongside them and share in their wisdom.


Near by there are also hot water holes to sink into in the cool of the evening to warm you through and through.

Sun Salutations
Walking Trails
Hot Pools By the Sea
Pools Below My House
Gadir - Local Habor & Swimming Spot with Hot Pools
Favare Valley
Old Crater looking over from "Big Mountain"