The Design

Often we can become so distracted by the content of our struggle the divine essence of our experience can become lost to us. It is in recovering that esssential thread that runs through conditions we can come to recognise what is, and what it is we are becoming.


This is a consciously faciliated gathering designed in a unique way to draw out from our experience the essence of intimacy and awareness in a light and playful way.


Fleur and Katinka will be holding space for your unfolding into, absorbing of, and nurturing by, all that we engage with.


This is not an intensive course, this is a gathering in awareness, that has woven into each day a strong intent to cultivate, fullfill and build upon what already lies at the heart of your unique experience, by providing space for the heart to reveal itself and the direction it is heading.


We will be cultivating a deep sense of rest and wellbeing in the body as a foundation for growth and healing.


We will tune into a natural rhythm to move with ourselves and eachother from a place of ease, endeavoring to relate from a high quality of truth and awareness.


We will absorb into nature, music, sounds and movement, opening new doors of perception, inviting into our experience the essence of play, ectasy and celebration.


We will recover the sweetness of our emphathic hearts with sincerity and allow the honey of our experience to pour outwards the soothing balm of compassion.


We will rest in the perfection of who we are, giving ourselves full permission to be present, and thus allowing a deep acceptance of what is to become the gateway for deep natural transformation.


We will thoroughly enjoy the fruits of this magical island, soaking in her healing powers in a playful and light way.


Cultivating an environment of stillness will lie at the heart of all our dynamic active body centred meditative practices and way of being together...


"To be still, is to be conscious without thought. You are never more essentially, deeply yourself, when you are still."


Let us truly Be, Become and Enjoy...Together!!