Nourishment & Nutrition

Due to the fertility of the volcanic earth and hot Mediterranean sun our vegetables and fruits are delicious making the simplest of dishes heavenly, with many local specialities.


We will meet all dietary requirements and supply organic where possible and not only provide Italian/ Arabic style food but ensure that there is a wholesome selection of meals that I will decide on.


Pantelleria Benessere is a vegan home, which means that we will not be eating meats and dairy product there. To cater for those who want meat in their diet, we will be eating fresh barbecue fish at least one or two nights at my home.


I will be providing a variety of alternative milks. Please specify if you have a preference. 


Please specify your dietry needs on the registration form. One main meal a day will be provided by a local cook and one meal we will prepare ourselves to keep costs down.


Clearing up and support with preparation will be included in our community based living.


We can also decide when we are together as a group if we would like to go out to dinner one night or not.