Natures Way

The Essence of Pleasure

3 Day Non Residential Workshop

This information is for those who live locally who wish to come and partipitate for the first 3 days of practice together


23rd, 24th, 25th September 


4-7pm Meditation and Movement Practices


7.30-8.30 Group Supper 


optional but recommended it can be such a grounding way to share with eachother over a meal


(please bring a dish to contribute to the meal and tell Fleur if you can in advance if you will be staying with us to eat)


COST ~ 30Euros/day  


80 Euros if you comitt to all three days before day 1 is complete


Day 4 & 5 of our course will be closed to non-residential participants


LOCATION: Pantelleria Wellbring / Pantelleria Benessere ~ Bukkuram 




Driving fromt the airport ~ pass the old second world war buildings, the road will bend gentle twice. In about 200yards there is a small road on the left, with a sign post that is old and the name is worn away. Opposite this road is a round road mirror. (if you come to a pink dammuso on the left of the road you have gone too far).


Go straight up this road, it winds up hill slightly. Do not turn off it until you reach the top and see a stone painted white on the left of the road, and very steep drive way ahead to the left of you, with a garage and house to the right of it where the road you are on, continues. Go up this steep drive, keeping to the left until you find yourself in a wide car park.  


Alternatively call Fiorella when you are in Bukkhram 3283836366  (IF SHE DOES NOT PICK UP CALL ME BUT BETTER FIORELLA FIRST ~ 3898598570)


FIORELLA  owns the property and can direct you from the road in bukkrham.  




CONTACT FLEUR: or 3898598570


Please confirm as soon as you can, there are limited places



Pleasure is a way of being in a continually intimate relationship with our environment, it is the capacity to soak in the honey of our senses as we experience life unfold around us and within us. In short it is to be alive and connected in the body. 


So much pleasure and joy can be missed if we bind it  mentally to a certain set of experiences or part of the body, disconnecting us from the full body experience of pleasure that is continually available to us. 


So much is touching us in sensual and blissful ways if we take the time to be open to & feel the subtle energy body, and notice the sense of aliveness that lives inside and out with each heart beat.  


We need to be prepared to let go of the mental stories that come from a place of fear, that continually serve to limit and contain our experience of pleasure. We will be exploring common themes such as shame and guilt, that block us from being and expressing pleasure, as they naturally arise.


Often we or our environment can feel dead, tired, closed or stuck in our body; the practices we will explore today will serve as a useful resource to traverse by yourself moments when enjoyment and relaxation feels unavailable. 


Nourishment and underlying happiness are a direct result of being pleasureful.


It is through the body enjoyment of life, we feel wellness, we are in fact our greatest resource and source for sustainable happiness. 

Day 1 ~ Find Your Pleasure

We will be discovering and exploring how pleasure moves within us as a direct energetic living experience, and move to let go of mental ideas of what is pleasure and what we need in order to feel it. We will start by attuning our senses to the subtle currents of energy that flow through us which are continually responsive in an ebb or flow, dependant on the conditions we are in.


We will cultivate body awareness through the medium of Qi Gung and related sensing practices inviting areas of holding and tension to open up and expand. We will move on to explore the effect of different music upon our experience and we will explore the simplicity of dancing in silence.


This practice will start with us all blindfolded so we can begin to make the exploration by our-self, for our-self, and then in a slow and gentle way from a place of ease, we will move to dance together.  


Day 2 ~ The Pillow of the Hearts Desire

For our second day together we will be exploring the relationship between the breath and awakening to pleasure in the body.


Katinka will be leading a gentle illuminating breath practice. This practice brings awareness to the limits of your loving and pleasure.


Connecting to the Fire of your Desire we will feel into allowing the aliveness of your essence to be consciously experienced in your being, and guide you into exploring the nature of your desire.


The Pillow of Heart's Desire breath meditation brings the aliveness of this power and the space you give it to manifest what you dare to want and choose to attract through the magnetism of your essence.

Day 3 ~ The Soul of Sound

To complete this exploration of our sensual experience we will take our exploration of pleasure into the realm of sound.


Sound is the vehicle that carry's manifestion...if you consider the role of sound it is the communication of life to life. Everything gives itself definition by the sounds it makes. We use words to solidify experience and inform action.  


So much of our core wounding around pleasure lies in fear places around feeling the freedom to express ourselves, and often this tension is held in the throat area.


When we give ourselves a voice, we become so very seen; which for some people that is yearned for, for others being seen is deeply terrifying; in both instances it is very healing to liberate the voice consciously.


Did you know that 85% of bird songs serve absolutely no purpose, other than for the sheer pleasure of it.  


We will discover and liberate the voice of pleasure, with no agenda, seeking only to rest in an enjoyment of sound that arises out of us. And open through the vulnerability of bringing awareness into to the places of resistence. 


So often we use our voice to communicate an idea of who we feel we are, or a belief system that feel so important, what happens when we let the voice free style, what unseen part of us may bubble to the surface? We are not looking for a beautiful sound, rather we are feeling into being the beauty, being the pleasure fully, and fully is to also allow sounds to natural arise spontaneously and freely. It grounds our experience of pleaure, so to speak. 


Sounding is a powerful way to unblock fears and tensions in the body, it empowers our claim upon existence and gives strength to our sense of being here and potency of our impact on the world. It unleashes the wild part of our nature, which can by societal, cultural and family conditions become so very limited. 




What to bring with you.....

Most importantly, an open heart and mind full of curiosity...and willingness to not know...



Water Bottle

Note Pad & Pen 


Please Note: 24th September; End of Day 2 ~ we will be going for a sauna together before supper, you are welcome to join us for the sauna and or stay at the house to integrate and meditation, or return and have supper with us later. 


Supper will be at 9pm on this day only.