Module 2 – Advanced Self Mastery & Practitioner Training

This is where we explore advanced states of consciousness and abilities with a focus being on how we can also help others. For those interested, this can lead to certification as an Alchemy Practitioner but this is not necessary. Learning to heal others and the advanced abilities this requires is a powerful way to heal and understand ourselves more deeply. Some of the topics on this module are:


  • DEER Technique – Deep Energetic and Emotional Resonance. This enables the practitioner to merge with a client in order to aid their healing. It is also a fundamental tool in the self-inquiry process.
  • Experiential exploration of the non-locality of consciousness. We often hear the idea that we are interconnected and that there is a fundamental unity underpinning reality. We explore this as we experience how our energetic and emotional bodies are influencing each other.
  • Developing shamanic defense skills.
  • Shamanic healing – Applying advanced consciousness skills to aid another’s healing process.
  • Namaste Process – Directly perceiving core essence in others and helping them to cultivate it.
  • Copying Advanced States of Consciousness and Abilities – Using the DEER technique to observe, assess and then self induce advanced states of consciousness and abilities.
  • Inducing Advanced States of Consciousness and Abilities – learning how to induce states in others to aid their unfolding process.
  • Learning how to apply the Alchemy Techniques as a therapist/healer.

For those wanting to certify as Alchemy Practitioners it is necessary to do three or more case studies using the techniques.



Module 3 – Beginning Structural Self Inquiry