Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries serve to protect and guide us with discernment and wisdom so we can walk through life in a skilful and compassionate manner.


Boundaries are incredibly important as often we meet experiences in life that may cause us more physical or emotional trauma, and so a solid boundary will preserve balance and harmony by guarding our choices.  


If we do not know how to express our boundaries and be passive or indifferent to our needs, eventually we reach boiling point and place a large barrier up in a destructive fashion.


These barriers are often expressed through anger and defensiveness stemming from suppressed emotion and past traumatic experiences when our boundaries were invaded in the past. Many of us are being controlled by our wounded child complex, where we do not feel safe to welcome people in closer, or fear loosing people, because of boundary invasion at a young age.


By resolving the traumatic imprints and relating issues from these past experiences we are able to express boundaries in a healthy, calm and peaceful way, or often the need for a boundary at all will dissolve. 


We have found this to be an essential part of our development into sovereignty, as in the later training Structural Self Enquiry we begin to explore the deeper and more subtle aspects of awareness and unity consciousness. Clear differentiation promotes stable and efficient growth because it is easier to dissolve a boundary when you know clearly what it is.


Without a clear and healthy sense of I, dissolving into unity and oneness can be confusing, overwhelming, disorientating and in extreme cases lead to spiritual emergence.


If you are over empathic, feel easily overwhelmed by other peoples emotional experiences, experience a crisis over energetic sensititivity, and generally find it hard to feel safe and grounded you may be experiencing characteristics of a spiritual emergence. If you want to have support with integration and development, please click here.


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