My approach to healing & self inquiry is applied in a meditative way, cultivating presence and awareness of all layers of being. The aim is to experience what is occuring  in the body, tracking the sensations and experience of seperation to the causal layer, simulaneously faciliating natural healing and union.


The approach was designed carefully by Thessa Sophia after years of research in consciousness and healing. The idea is to build a foundation of healing practice that will support you to develop skills in tracking energy and experiencing phenomena with direct perception, right to the root of its creation, which allows the separate part of you to re-integrate back into the whole. 


Below are listed some techniques and practices along the path....


Awareness Training

Developing and expanding our awareness is at the core of my Practice. Awareness is having the realization and perception of a given moment that provides knowledge and understanding. Awareness reveals to us the divine potentiality of every moment and all those in it. Depth and sensitivity of awareness is essential for structural self inquiry (the nature of consciousness, perpcetion & identity).


Healing States of Being/Bliss 

We develop your pathways to access peak states of consciousness, that may gives rise to feelings of bliss, love and joy, expanding your awareness of and developing qualities of essence. We also explore your relationship with giving and receiving of love as this informs on a fundamental level how you relate to yourself as separate. Healing the imprints that arise here will integrate a heart centered awareness re-orientating your felt sense of self to be whole and complete love, just as you are. Related articles & excercise ~ Turn on your Love/Joy Switch


Oneness Body

This technique is accessing an energetic imprint of you that is whole and we support you to heal any resistence that arises when you do so. Once the technique is stable we then use this as the basis of our early healing practice, by merging with the sensations in the body that connect to a presenting issue and moving into the imprint of wholeness. The idea is to approach the issue from the perspective of wholeness. As you develop in our training this technique will transcend into a state of being. This process is key in integrating unity consciousness and developing your understanding of, and ability to map, consciousness.


Funicular Technique

This technique promotes transformation by focusing on positive traits, noticing when you don't act in the way you desire and healing the cause of the behaviour you wish to change. This relies on both a degree of mindfulness so you can watch how you are acting and the ability to regress to when the negative thought/action happened. It also requires a kinesthetic awareness to feel the trauma driving the behavior. All of which are aspects we develop in the training.


Healing the Observing Awareness

We explore how your Observing Awareness (the observing part of you) works in relation to sense of self. Our awareness techniques support you to develop a strong foundational sense of who you feel you are, enabling you to differentiate self from not self, me-not-me, as you explore boundaries and your relationship with sovereignty in a heart centered and present way. Learn more.... read about Healthy Boundaries; A Strong Sense of Self.


High Sense Perception Training

We focus specifically on developing high sense perceptions so you can percieve in depth the nature of the issue as it is felt in the body, and re-connect with any unconscious material that one may be averse to not knowing and feeling. Developing a kinesthetic awareness is essential for those wanting to do healing/self inquiry by themselves. Strong high sense perceptions deeply enables surrender to the experience by enhancing clarity and definition, and awareness of wisdom and insights that emerge from the practice. We do this using models of consciousness that allow us to access the imprints and resistence that prevent you from knowing and using your innate psychic abilities. 


Merging Consciousness

In the early training in the context of your own healing we teach you to merge your conscious awareness with specific aspects of yourself, there are various ways we do this but a simple example is to with a sensation in the body that relates to a presenting issue. In the later training we teach you to merge consciousness with other people, this enables you to become aware of another persons experience using high sense perception skills. This is part of our program for becoming an Alchemy Therapist and it is a key part of our training process in developing a sense of me-not-me and expanding into unity consciousness.


Unity Consciousness; The Trinity Model of Consciousness

Using a focused framework we teach and apply concise systematic ways of healing issues. The intention of our approach is to heal the issue through a process of consciousness unification, which basically means the issue is resolved on all layers of being. We call these layers of being, The Trinity; the least common denominator of who we are in separation: Structure (form),Observing Awareness (the observer), and Core Essence (light). Part of our training teach you to differentiate between the trinity and heal the issue in relation to each one, thus integrating the issue into the whole. 


Embodying Core Essence

Using these techniques we trigger the resistance in you to embodying core essence.  We also focus on specific issues that you know prevent you from feeling love and joy in your life.


Peak States of Consciousness

The result of our practice can result in ecstatic experiences, peak states of consciousness and the emergence of extra-ordinary skills of perception such as telepathy and clairvoyance. These skills and experiences although not the goal of Alchemy techniques will support and go on to inform the way your personal path evolves. We have techniques for embodying and stabilizing different states of consciousness and include this as part of our training.


These processes of mastering awareness and developing sensitivity combined with the advanced energy techniques and trinity model that we teach you provide a powerfully systematic way of healing your own issues in yourself. 


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